SENNHEISER Impact SDW 5036 Wireless Headset – Black

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Product Information

Comfort and flexibility 

With soft ear pads and a headband wearing style, the Sennheiser Impact SDW 5036 Wireless Headset will keep you comfortable. And because it’s wireless, you have the freedom to walk as you talk. Plus, you can pair the headset to any device within its extensive wireless range.

Protects your ears

With the SDW 5036 Headset, you’re safe from unexpected volume spikes, so you can make and receive calls with confidence.Crisp, clear sound

Enjoy improved sound during phone calls thanks to a noise-cancelling microphone. It takes out the background noise so you can enjoy professional voice clarity.

Keep your conversations secure

Thanks to enhanced security, all of your professional communication will be safe from outsiders.

Product features

  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Connectivity: DECT
  • Compatible with desk phones / PC / softphone


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