SAMSUNG Q60T/XU 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X

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Product Information

  • Harmonious sound

    The Samsung Q60T/XU 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar has been designed to perfectly compliment Samsung’s QLED TVs. Samsung Q Symphony keeps everything in sync while playing sound from both your TV and sound bar, so you get great audio without any complicated set up.

    Surround sound experience

    DTS Virtual:X brings a surround sound experience to your living room without the extra speakers. It’ll feel like the action is happening all around you while voices remain clear and centred.

    Acoustic Beam

    For powerful, panaramic sound, Samsung’s unique Acoustic Beam technology steers the audio around your room thanks to additional holes which act as individual speakers.

    Adaptive sound

    By analysing what you’re listening to, you get the best sound in real time. That means you can clearly hear the commentary over the roar of the crowd during cup finals or whispered dialogue in dramatic movies.

    And for the gamers, the sound bar instantly recognises when you’re playing and puts the most vital sounds front and centre.

    One remote

    Get rid of clutter with a single remote control for your Samsung sound bar and smart TV. Change the channel, adjust the volume on your sound bar, add sound effects, and more – all with just one remote.

Product features

          • Dolby Atmos: 3D sound from 16 speakers
          • Adaptive / optimized audio
          • Supports High-Resolution Audio with 4K pass-through
          • Wireless subwoofer
          • Compatible with Samsung SmartThings


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