PHILIPS PicoPix Max PPX620 Smart Full HD Mini Projector

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Product Information

Small size, large projection

Convert any wall to a screen using the portable and compact Philips PicoPix Max PPX620 Smart Full HD Mini Projector.

You can project up to 120″ in True Full HD 1080p, for huge cat videos or truly epic movies.

It’s got fast auto-focus, digital zoom and auto-keystone and 4-corner corrections, which makes it really easy to get your projection looking perfect.

The long-lasting light source means you’ll be able to enjoy films or series for years to come.

Pre-loaded apps

There’s pre-loaded apps that let you connect to your Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu accounts – ideal for streaming a boxset or movie.

There’s a 16 GB memory too, so you can take your movies with you wherever you go.

The touchpad makes it easy to use.


The USB-Type C port lets you connect anything from your phone or laptop to desktop PC – and it’s really fast too, great for audio and video. And with the WiFi connection you can forget about all cables and connect the PicoPix wirelessly.

Thanks to built in battery you are not limited by indoor space too. It can entertain for up to 3 hours which is enough to create an outdoor cinema in the park or back garden – speakers are already built-in.

Product features

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Screen size: Up to 120″
  • Long throw
  • Ideal for dark rooms
  • Connectivity: HDMI / USB Type-C



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