NETATMO NBU-NTH-NAV Smart Thermostat with 3 Radiator Valves

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Product Information

Easy to use

Managing your heating is easy with the Netatmo NBU-NTH-NAV Smart Thermostat with 3 Radiator Valves. You’ll have full control from anywhere – simply use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to control your home’s heating.

The thermostat also works with smart home voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri – perfect for controlling your heating without your phone.

Personalised settings

Create an optimised heating schedule based on your lifestyle. With the NBU-NTH-NAV, your home will always be heated to the right temperature. Plus, with individual valves, you’ll be able to control the temperature in separate rooms, making it easier to save energy.

Smart notifications

Thanks to the Auto-care function you’ll be notified of any possible heating problems, or when the batteries are running low on the thermostat.

  • Product features

    • Control your home’s heating from your smartphone or tablet
    • Works with Siri / Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
    • Set schedules
    • Energy savings report


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