MICROSOFT FTW-00002 Surface Precision Wireless Mouse – Grey

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Product Information

Top features: 

– Find your flow with precise movements and magnetic scrolling

– Reach the peak of your productivity with seamless multi-tasking

– Ergonomic design gives you long lasting comfort

Find your flow

Discover a mouse that helps you do your best work with the Microsoft FTW-00002 Surface Precision Wireless Mouse.

With patented magnetic scrolling, it’s easier than ever to move between programmes and software, and because everyone works differently, the Surface Precision Mouse also features three programmable buttons so you can get exactly what you need from your mouse, exactly when you need it.

Reach the peak of your productivity

No one wants to be jolted out of their rhythm by the need to re-sync their mouse to a different device. With the Surface Precision Mouse you you can connect up to three devices to transition between whenever you want, as often as you want. With less interruptions and less hassle you’ll be able to reach your peak and finish that project faster.

Ergonomic design

When you’re working at your best, it can be annoying having to take a break because your hand is cramping up. Designed to be comfortable through even the longest all night essay writing session, the Surface Precision Mouse features a side grip, thumb rest and a shape that feels natural to your hand.

Product features

  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Up to 3 months battery life
  • USB rechargeable
  • Magnetic scrolling





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