HOOVER Power Capsule PC20PET Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner – Black


Product Information

Efficiently clean all kinds of floors with the Hoover Power Capsule PC20PET Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

It’s small and lightweight design still has space for a 5 litre bag, which means you can clean even more of your house before needing to get rid of the dust and dirt.

There’s also 2-in-1 crevice & dusting tools stored onboard, so you don’t have to leave the spot when you need to use them for those little gaps.

Pets hair gone in no time

All pets owner will appreciate the mini pet turbo brush which can get all kind of hair off your carpets, sofas and other cushions.

If you don’t want to damage the fabrics, just use the PC20PET’s variable power function and adjust the suction to a lower level.

Product Features

    • Weight: 4.45 kg
    • Cord length: 6 m
    • Ideal for pet owners
    • Capacity: 5 litres


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