HOOVER H-FREE 500 Home Energy HF522BEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Blue

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Product Information

Handheld vacuum

Whizz around your home with the lightweight Hoover H-FREE 500 Home Energy HF522BEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for a quick and easy clean. Reach the ceilings, clean under furniture by reclining it backwards, or use it as a handheld to tackle your kitchen worktop or inside your car.

Plus, the extra battery provides up to 80 mind of run time. So you won’t have to keep going back to recharge.

Powerful performance

The H-FREE 500 is compact, but still offers impressive suction. With its brushless motor, high-capacity batteries and the turbo boost function, you can clean with confidence.

When you’re cleaning those dark corners or under furniture, the LED nozzle lights make sure that dust has nowhere to hide.

Convenient storage

When you’ve finished cleaning, the handy storage mode shortens its height to under 70 cm so you can fit it almost anywhere. The tools are stored neatly onboard – ideal when you need to switch to the handheld cleaning mode.

Easy to maintain

The Hoover H-FREE 500 has cyclonic dust separation and comes with washable filters so you can look after your vacuum with minimal fuss.

There’s no need to wall mount the vacuum cleaner near a power socket either – the removable battery can easily be charged wherever is most convenient for you.

Product Features

        • Run time: 80 minutes (two batteries)
        • Power: 22 V
        • Weight: 2.2 kg
        • Capacity: 0.45 litres


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