DIMPLEX CDE2ECC Cadiz Eco Portable Oil-Free Radiator – White & Grey


Product Information

Keep your home warm and cosy with the Dimplex¬†CDE2ECC Cadiz Eco Portable Oil-Free Radiator. It has a choice of heat settings and a clear LCD screen, so you’ll find it easy to set the right temperature.

The heater can help you save money on electricity bills, because it’s more energy-efficient than a traditional oil-filled radiator. And since there’s no oil inside, there’s no risk of leaks, either.

Program the heater to turn on or off with the handy 24-hour timer. There’s also a remote control, so you won’t even have to get up to adjust the settings.

The heater has easy-glide castors, so you can comfortably move it from room to room. And the frost-protection feature means it’s also ideal for using in your garage or shed.

Product features

      • Power: 2000 W
      • 2 heat settings
      • 24 hour timer
      • Remote control


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