BEKO DIN16X20 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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Product Information

Quick programs

Wash your dishes faster with the Beko DIN16X20 Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher. It has a Mini 30 program that cleans a full load in only half an hour – perfect if you suddenly get unexpected guests and don’t have enough clean plates.

For items that need a more thorough clean, try the Quick & Shine program – it will have your dishes ready to use again in only 58 minutes.

Spacious and adjustable

With space for 14 place settings, the Beko DIN16X20 Dishwasher is ideal for households with up to 3 or 4 people. Its flexible upper basket has 3 height settings, and you can even move it when it’s fully loaded.

The dishwasher has folding plate supports and a removable, sliding cutlery-basket, so you can easily create extra room for larger dishes and pans.

Half-load function

There’s no need to wait for a full load before you turn on the DIN16X20. It offers a half-load function that uses less electricity and water, so you can get your dishes clean and save on energy bills at the same time.

Auto program

For an even more efficient wash, choose the Auto program. It adjusts the temperature and wash time based on how dirty the dishes are, so you won’t waste money on excess water or electricity.

Product Features

    • 81.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm (H x W x D)
    • Ideal for medium-sized households (14 place settings)
    • Energy rating: E
    • Quick wash: 30 minutes
    • Ideal for open plan living


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