AMAZON Echo Show 10 – White

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The Amazon Echo Show 10 gives you control of your home and music using only your voice. It makes life easier by taking care of life’s daily tasks.

The Echo Show 10 combines Alexa voice control with video, displayed on a beautiful 10.1” HD screen. You can ask Alexa to play videos, show you who’s at the door on your smart doorbell, and more. You can even monitor your house when you’re not at home by remotely accessing the built-in camera.

It’s also the perfect kitchen companion, as you can follow step-by-step recipes, ask for unit conversions and add items to your virtual shopping list.

Hands-free video calling and messaging

Make hands-free calls to friends and family who have an Echo Show, Skype, or the Alexa app on their smartphone. The Echo Show 10‘s smart screen also moves automatically to face you– perfect for when you’re speaking to family while you’re preparing dinner. Plus, thanks to camera’s auto framing feature, you’ll be seen clearly.

It’s ideal for connecting with family around the home, too. Check in to see if the kids really are doing their homework, or call them down to dinner by connecting with other Alexa powered devices around your home.

Activate any Alexa-compatible devices

The Echo Show 10 is compatible with an ever-growing list of smart home connected devices, from automated door locks, smart light bulbs, music players, and more. Ask Alexa to lock the doors while you’re tucked in bed, dim the lights for movie night, or play music from your Spotify playlists – without having to reach for your phone.

If you’ve got several Echo devices around your home, you can play music from them simultaneously for a multi-room audio experience. And you won’t need a separate hub to control your compatible Zigbee smart home devices either. Simply say, “Alexa, discover my devices” upon setup, and the Echo Show 10 will find them in a matter of moments.

Watch your favourite Prime Video shows 

Get stuck into the box sets you can’t get enough of with the Echo Show 10. Browse content or go directly to the film or show you can’t wait to see, simply by asking.

And, when you’re not using the Echo Show 10, you can set Facebook photos or Amazon Photos as background images – turning the device into a digital photo frame.

Alexa’s skills

Alexa’s got a range of skills to help you out and have fun. From playing games and quizzes, to tracking your fitness with Fitbit, just say “Alexa, help me get started with skills” to discover thousands of different skills.

New skills are being added all the time. Check out the Skills section of the Alexa App or visit the Skills Store to see what’s on offer.

  • Product features

    • Hands-free voice commands with Alexa
    • Compatible with a range of smart home systems
    • Smart screen moves automatically to face you
    • Watch video clips
    • Video calling


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