Social media policy


  • Employees use blogs, wikis, social media networks and other e-communication tools to interact and engage with the public, media, peers and other colleagues
  • Official/spokesperson accounts are clearly titled with “SNCLavalin” in the account name: e.g. @SNCLavalin_fr
  • Individual employees are free to use external social media channels, as long as they comply with the company’s rules around comments relating to the Group, privacy and confidentiality
  • The core SNC-Lavalin social media channels are listed here, but the company and its employees may use other channels and niche networks as applicable.


  • We will always endeavour to be accurate, respond to enquiries in a timely manner and provide relevant information about the company, its people and projects
  • We will not comment on rumours, share price(s) and speculation, but will publish factual information that relates to the business and its operations
  • Where individuals are active online, unless they are an approved spokesperson, it is understood that their comments are personal views, not necessarily representative of the company
  • We will always aim to comply with relevant legislation and best practice guidelines for the countries in which we operate
  • Where automated services are used we will strive to ensure their accuracy and reliability
  • We will look to publish relevant and timely news and information about the company, its markets and the regions in which we operate. We will often refer to partner companies and other organisations, but only when permission has been granted for their inclusion.


As with most social media channels, there will be user generated and distributed content produced by non SNC-Lavalin personnel. This may include, but is not limited to: Twitter retweets and mentions, Facebook comments, LinkedIn group and individual status updates. SNC-Lavalin cannot be held responsible for repurposed content and would therefore advise that only the official SNC-Lavalin channels listed here are referenced.


SNC-Lavalin reserves the right to remove and/or block Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn group members and company followers, as well as removing, modifying or adding content to anything posted on or to its official accounts. SNC-Lavalin may close any or all of the accounts listed here at any time and extends its rights over all of the official accounts and any other subsequent official SNC-Lavalin social media accounts that may be established.