Independent monitor

As part of the settlement of the charges arising from legacy activities in Libya between 2001 and 2011, SNC-Lavalin Construction Inc. is subject to a three-year probation order.

That probation order requires that the company appoint an independent monitor, tasked with reporting on our Integrity Program through an initial report, as well as annual follow-up reports for the duration of the probation order. It also requires that executive summaries of the reports be posted on our website.

You will find below information on the monitor as well as executive summaries of his reports.


Independent monitor’s profile

Executive Summaries of Reports

  • Initial Report (April 2020)
  • First Follow-up Review Report (December 2020)
  • Second Follow-up Review Report (December 2021)
  • Third Follow-up Review Report (December 2022)

To know more about our Integrity Program, visit our integrity page.

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