As end-to-end solution providers and partners to our clients, we know that the day a project is completed is just the beginning. Our sustaining capital expertise helps our clients operate, maintain and create improvements throughout the entire lifespan of their facilities.

Our services encompass asset management and enhancement, brownfield expansion through engineering and construction services, and completions and commissioning.

Whatever the project and whatever our role – from driving increased productivity and optimization, to embedding the latest technologies and supporting digital transformation – our focus is on supporting ongoing and future operations, and providing the flexibility needed to meet the changing requirements that arise within the life of a project.

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Patrick Sikka, P.Eng

Vice-President, Engineering – North America, Mining & Metallurgy

Toronto, Canada

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Asset management and enhancement

We provide fit for purpose solutions for maintenance and turnaround execution services and are focused on long-term viability, continuous productivity and improvement.

We collaborate with clients to reduce overall maintenance costs, including cost control and change management systems.

We improve the way in which maintenance is executed, supporting our clients and their objectives in planning and implementing the correct strategy for operational excellence.

We empower our clients to make the best decisions for their portfolio at every level of its management.

Our services include Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), modeling, self-perform brownfield delivery and general support services.

Collaborating with our clients around the world to create lasting value, we help maximize assets and improve efficiencies, regardless of the field or scale of operations.

We optimize asset reliability and availability to meet business requirements for safety and production in critical systems for both greenfield and brownfield operations. We deliver value-added services by using a risk-based management style that allows us to align systems with quality, health and safety, security, and environment protection – all while providing execution support and campaign management.

Our services include:

  • Capability assessments and benchmarking
  • Operational readiness and due diligence programs
  • Integrity management programs
  • Structural integrity
  • Integrity of pressure systems
  • Integrity of electrical equipment engineering
  • Data management and applied analytics
  • Inspection services
  • Supply chain quality, surveillance, process control and automation

We’re among the world leaders in shutdown management with a long and proven track record in project development and implementation, maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds globally.

Our vast experience in the chemical, oil & gas, petrochemicals, forest products, and metals and mining industries demonstrates that we can undertake the most demanding shutdown construction projects. We complete work within the timeframe, while conforming to strict quality and regulatory standards and compliance, cost effectiveness, environmental and safety standards.

Brownfield expansion

We have the flexibility and ability to work in whatever way our clients need, on whichever aspects of a project they require support on, to provide brownfield engineering services. That can mean either integrating into, or working alongside, their engineering and process departments and can encompass everything from the conceptual design phase and prefeasibility/feasibility studies, to basic design or detailed design phases with HVEC capabilities. While our projects’ service line can provide a turnkey project solution, we can also work within clients' operations as a support.

We also have significant experience in:

  • Cost estimating
  • Procurement
  • Construction and construction management
  • Capital projects
  • Project management and project control services
  • Maintenance projects, digital and technological solutions
  • Implementation and turnaround support in all disciplines

Our services include turnkey solutions in EPC/EPCM, brownfield engineering and self-perform brownfield execution. For projects that include a new facility inside an existing client facility, we’re able to provide the required work on a variety of commercial approaches up to and including lump sum EPC or EPCM turnkey solutions.

Completions and commissioning

Our mission is to affect the safe and orderly handover of subsystems from the constructor to the owner, guaranteeing operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.

We specialize in the provision of commissioning and start-up services in conjunction with, or independent of, project construction activities. Our extensive experience encompasses the commissioning and start-up of large and often complex plant facilities in remote locations and challenging conditions.

We’re passionate about combining this expertise with the best technology and tools available to deliver predictable results. Our experienced personnel have access to international engineering tools and have established extensive procedures that guarantee the complete and accurate transition between all phases of a project.

Our services include:

  • Commissioning preparation
  • Commissioning
  • Completions
  • Process redesign and engineering
  • HSE management
  • Start-up and operations


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Leading the Digital Utility Transformation

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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) & Cybersecurity for...

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Creating Value with Capital

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