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By combining our expertise in digital, cyber, cybersecurity and engineering with the latest technology and innovative approaches to data, we’ve built a unique position in the market that enables us to quickly understand our clients’ priorities, and create solutions that overcome their challenges.

Enabling our clients to make informed business decisions around their cyber security investments and understand the impact digital transformation can have on their operations is at the heart of our approach. That’s true whether we’re working on the networks and information systems that underpin their activity, or the policies and processes that determine their approach to cyber security.

To do this, we combine our deep understanding of the digital ecosystem that surrounds and supports a nation’s critical infrastructure with our experience of secure and mission-critical environments. This is knowledge grounded in more than 100 years of experience delivering complex infrastructure projects, and work with owners and operators to develop pragmatic solutions and manage risk throughout the life cycle of their project. 

Our Intelligent Networks expertise in full

  • Network transport technology
  • Business requirement analysis
  • LAN/WAN architecture
  • Equipment specifications
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Wired technology
  • Structured cabling – fiber and copper
  • Dense wavelength division multiplexing
  • Optical transport network
  • Legacy system integration
  • Security
  • Security operations center
  • Video surveillance, analytics and encoding
  • Perimeter and access control
  • Wireless technology
  • Microwave radio transmission
  • Mobile trunking radio
  • Wi-Fi, WiMAX
  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Data centers
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Application-based secure VLAN
  • Control rooms
  • Network operations centre
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition
  • Telemetry
  • Power supply and grounding

Digital technologies

At the heart of our digital capabilities lies continuous improvement, driven by our absolute commitment to combine our technological skills with traditional engineering expertise.

This is an industry that moves at a rapid pace. That’s why we use the methodologies of a start-up, developing and testing our ideas at a rapid pace, and working in true partnership with our clients.

Working closely with our clients, we identify and develop digital solutions that solve and improve business performance, reduce costs and offer better outcomes.

Our offerings include:

  • BIM - 3D/4D/5D/6D
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Mobile inspection – using intelligent checklists and GoPro technology
  • UAV deployment - UAV use for QA/QC lines and construction
  • Digital asset management - Internal and external solutions
  • Dispatch algorithms - optimizing purchase and distribution of electricity
  • Artificial Intelligence - providing consulting services for AI and machine learning.
  • Digital Factory - developing specialized apps for internal or client use
  • Data-visualisation (D-Vis) as a service - empowering organizations to make better-informed decisions through data analytics and 3D+ visualization
  • ‘Flo’ – a digital, cloud and iPad-based solution designed to reduce damage assessment time by up to 90% and enabling users to quickly record damage and share the information globally.
  • Rapid Assessment and Planning for Infrastructure Design (RAPID) concept demonstration tool
  • illustrating how data can be captured, analysed and visualised to inform deployable infrastructure designs, user decision-making, construction and management of camps and sites.
  • MALPAS analysing and verifying software with one of the world’s most rigorous and advanced toolsets

Technologies in action

By actively embracing and seeking out new technologies, we – together with our clients – stay ahead of the curve and drive efficiencies. These include BIM design combined with virtual and augmented reality, which we use to optimize, design and construct plans, resulting in accelerated manufacturing and delivery, as well as reduced construction rework.

We also use Go Pro live streaming technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, coupled with conventional, FLIR or LIDAR technology to perform scanning and modeling, inspection and progress reviews and more.

The future of infrastructure design and operation

We help our clients meet the challenges of tomorrow by maximizing the benefits of technology and mitigating organization risk. Our Intelligent Networks and Cyber Security teams boost efficiencies, security and performance through digital transformation and modernization projects.

Challenges Benefits
The transformation of the sector comes with challenges: The digitalization of critical national infrastructure promises:
  • The convergence of information and operational technology
  • To optimize the supply and demand of goods and services
  • Systems/networks integration and standardization
  • To manage the increasing number of renewable energy sources
  • Digitization of substations
  • To predict equipment maintenance
  • Cyber security
  • To improve your customers’ experience.
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Integrating physical and digital assets

The digitalization of utilities and critical national infrastructure helps owners and operators improve efficiency and the service they offer customers. It optimizes the supply and demand of goods and services, and helps to manage increasing complexity, while allowing for proactive asset management. However, digital transformation comes with many challenges. At the top of the list is critical infrastructure protection and cyber-security. Energy storage, load management, intelligent networks and system planning follow closely behind.

We thrive on helping owners and operators overcome these challenges. Our team has the expertise and skills needed to design networks and integrate technological platforms, and have worked on major network transformations.

We offer single-source, secure solutions that are innovative and cost-effective. Our services include new builds, technology upgrades, integrations and commissioning, and we have wireless and wireline expertise. We’re vendor-independent and specialize in deploying a full range of technological systems and in building cyber security into a unified fit-for-purpose solution.

With cyber-security a key concern around such transformations, our wide-ranging and in-depth expertise allows for the development of effective and proactive long-term strategies to modernize and deliver digital transformation.

A uniquely integrated service that encompasses:

  • Cyber security
  • Physical and site security
  • Telecom networks transition
  • Protection and control / Operational Technology (OT) / advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)

End-to-end expertise from an in-house, multi-disciplinary team that includes specialists in:

  • System-planning
  • Telecommunications, networking and operational technology
  • Information technology, physical security and cyber security

Protecting organizations from current and emerging cyber threats

Advances in technology are driving efficiency and innovation across organizations, but greater connectivity and the convergence of IT, enterprise technology and operational technology also increases risks.

These are risks our experienced team of cyber-security and engineering professionals understand and overcome daily. Through our comprehensive risk management, design, assurance and compliance services they help organizations navigate today’s business environment, implement proportionate protection and recover quickly from a security breach.

We enable this resilience through our comprehensive risk management, design, assurance and compliance services.

How do you become cyber-resilient?

Recent and high-profile cyber-attacks have increased the need for organizations to act quickly, particularly to protect our critical national infrastructure. We are well-placed to support these initiatives as we understand the operating environment, know how to manage risk and are experts in operational technology.

By helping organizations understand the threats they face, and then develop appropriate systems, technology, processes and controls to prevent threats becoming reality, we enable our clients to become cyber-resilient. And, when necessary, we’re there to help them recover quickly from an intrusion or cyber-attack.

We take a pragmatic approach to every solution, ensuring the level of resilience developed is appropriate to the threat landscape and business continuity requirements. This resilience enables organizations to provide an uninterrupted supply of goods, services or capability and seamless customer service.

Our approach to cyber resilience

Our pragmatic and cost-effective approach to cyber-resilience protects assets while reducing operating expenses, across a five-stage plan for identifying and developing cyber-security solutions.

Our experienced and high-performing team has unrivalled market, organization and infrastructure insight and award-winning project management expertise. We provide cutting-edge cyber-security leadership and capability across a wide range of markets.

  • We possess a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem that surrounds and supports a nation’s critical infrastructure
  • We have experience in secure and mission-critical environments, offering unparalleled insight into an organization’s digital vulnerabilities
  • We help the owners and operators of critical national infrastructure, governments, and the national security and defence sectors develop resilience
  • We’re the largest supplier of client-side advisory in the UK security and intelligence sector
  • We’re an accredited Cyber Supplier to the UK Government
  • We’ve worked closely with utility providers across the United States and Canada to drive their digital transformation programs

Our cyber-services

Securing a wide range of markets

We work across a wide range of sectors, from water and energy to aerospace and transportation. Our role is to ensure that no matter the sector, our clients can continue to supply goods, services or capability, even in the event of a security breach.

A series of recent and high-profile cyber-attacks highlight the risk to critical national infrastructure. We have now focussed our attention on protecting it. Our trusted and experienced team can help to identify and assess the threats faced, and minimize the impact of a security breach.

We use our extensive experience of designing and building complex infrastructure and our technological know-how to ensure cyber resilience is considered and embedded at every stage of every project. We also understand the challenges and pressure of operating in this complex and ever-changing digital environment.

Operators face fines of up to £17 million (approx.CAD $29 million) if they fail to comply with the European Union’s Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS Directive), which protects vital infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated attacks. Our team works with you to put the right structures, processes, policies and systems in place to meet these requirements. We also identify and supply the resources and expertise needed to comply.

Find out more about new cyber security regulations and their impact on operators of essential services

Critical infrastructure protection is a top priority for utilities as the power sector faces increasing network interconnectivity, widespread smart grid technology and ever-growing cyber and physical threats.

Holistic security strategies mean organizations can more effectively detect, defend and recover against increasingly sophisticated threats. We tailor our services to meet each client’s unique needs, bringing tangible benefits and improvements to their bottom line, including:

  • Power-outage reduction
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) critical infrastructure protection (CIP) regulatory compliance
  • Better resilience of systems, plants and electric grids
  • Brand protection
  • Enhanced CIP culture and security risk awareness

Our relationship with world-leaders in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors dates back decades. We’re the largest supplier of client-side advisory services to the UK’s intelligence and security sector, an accredited cyber supplier to the UK Government. As a result, we have extensive experience of operating in secure and mission-critical environments and offer unrivalled insight into an organization’s digital vulnerabilities.

We help business and government leaders assess an organization’s policies and processes, technology and human resources and consider the impact they may have on a mission or operation. This approach allows us to develop robust cyber vulnerability investigation (CVI) procedures and we’re a major provider of engineering and technical CVI services to the UK Defence market.

Our advice and technical support are independent and pragmatic and adapted to address all stages of the project lifecycle. We help to protect an organization’s physical and digital assets through:

  • Cyber maturity assessment
  • Risk assessment services
  • Vulnerability investigations
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Governance and policies
  • Resilient system architecture designs
  • Security management
  • Auditing and compliance reviews

Find out more about our work in Aerospace, Defence and Security

Cities across the globe are using complex and increasingly smart networks of infrastructure and services. Our spaces are now more connected than ever; making sure those connections are secure is paramount.

By seizing the opportunities presented by technology, without compromising security, we enable clients to provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience for end-users.

Our team also provides engineering and cyber-security solutions to protect existing infrastructure and designs security into new build projects.

Find out more about our work in Cities and Development

Our cyber-security experts help keep people moving. We provide trusted and independent advice to transport owners and operators to help you maximize the benefits of new technology without putting your vital infrastructure at risk.

The transport industry is transforming due to greater connectivity and insights gained from big data. However, leaders must balance the desire to improve performance and enhance passenger experience with protecting information systems and networks from attack.

Our cyber-security and engineering experts have gained a deep understanding of the challenges facing the transport sector through their work with transport owners and operators across the globe. It’s why flexibility is at the heart of our approach when embedding technology within networks, whether those networks cross one nation or several. It’s also why we’re trusted to work within the confines of an operational railway, a busy motorway or highway, or even in secure and mission-critical environments.

Find out more about our work in Transportation

Water is our most precious commodity. We’re supporting the companies that provide a safe and steady flow of it to our homes and businesses as they seek to meet the European Union’s strict new cyber security laws. The Networks and Information Systems Directive (NIS Directive) requires infrastructure operators to ensure there is a continuous supply of fresh drinking water, even in the event of a cyber-attack.

We work in partnership with our clients to avoid disruption and safeguard this essential service.

We have a deep understanding of the water sector. Over the past 80 years, we have used our design, engineering and project management expertise to meet operators’ physical infrastructure requirements. Now, our cyber security experts are helping them to ensure their digital assets are secure too.

Find out more about our work in Water

Read more, 'Vulnerability assessment and security improvement plan for a UK water company'

Airport and air travel security has become a major issue in recent decades, a concern that has grown in-line with emergent new technologies at play in the sector. Our experts help our clients secure all stages of the air travel experience.

In the air:

  • Control towers
  • Runway and taxiway systems
  • Instrument landing system

On the ground:

  • Parking lots
  • Administrative offices

Within the terminal:

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Baggage control
  • Information display systems (FIDS, BIDS, GIDS, CUTE)
  • Emergency control center
  • Private Mobile Radio Services (PMS)
  • Data centers
  • Virtualized environment
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Video surveillance and access control systems
  • IP telephony systems
  • Structured cabling
  • Wi-Fi

Designing and integrating networks and systems

Keeping pace with the changing world of digitization means harnessing the skillsets required to plan, design and implement complex information and communication networks.

Our engineers’ expertise covers all technologies and includes private, public sector and defence networks, with a proven track record of success to match.

Whether we’re tasked with delivering broadband to the remote and rural Western Isles of Scotland or ensuring effective information -handling at major industrial complexes, our proven track record is testament to the wide range of expertise our engineers deliver.

We offer single-source, cost-effective, creative and secure network solutions to private, public sector and Defence networks. Our services include new builds, technology upgrades, integrations and commissioning, offering wireless and wire line expertise. We are vendor-independent and specialize in deploying a wide range of technological systems into a unified fit-for-purpose solution.

Advanced network design

We solve the most complex of communication and network challenges involving a mix of wireless and fibre-optic technologies.

Converged networks

We’ve designed and implemented voice, data and video high-bandwidth networks delivering improved efficiency and savings to clients.

Software engineering

We take pride in our ability to rapidly design and deliver operational systems to meet our clients’ requirements. Our vendor independence and proficiency in a wide range of technologies enables us to produce solutions ranging from configured off-the-shelf systems through to bespoke mobile and web applications.

Industrial automation systems

We’re world leaders in the design and implementation of advanced process automation monitoring and visualisation systems, providing vertical integration of information from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Infrastructure support services

We can support the examination and completion of development projects with a comprehensive range of utility management services. These include the collection and collation of accurate utility plant location.

Software assurance

We can offer our clients a comprehensive, independent software assurance service, covering testing and qualification (Independent Verification and Validation - IV&V).


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