From transforming the energy sector with next-generation clean power to pioneering the cities of the future through human-centered design: our clients have ambitions to drive change and call on our design and engineering expertise to help them do so.

Whether we’re designing nuclear new-builds, offshore wind farms, transport hubs or mixed-use developments, we work with our customers to deliver projects from vision to reality. We provide innovative, data-driven solutions across a multitude of sectors – from concept and feasibility through to detailed design.

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The partnerships we forge with our clients are built on one universal shared understanding - that the positive impact of good design cannot be underestimated. Our architects, designers and urbanists work across a global network of studios, creating outstanding places and spaces that respond to the needs and resources of a contemporary world.

Driven by a design philosophy which considers the context and climate of a project at all times, we help our customers to realize their goals while also being responsible to society and the environment.

The successes we deliver are built on a truly collaborative relationship with our clients and belief in the power of collective thinking. We draw on a global network of like-minded, visionary architects, design studios, multidisciplinary in-house teams and trusted partners.

Together, we combine local community knowledge with cutting-edge technology to deliver integrated and inspiring environments, from small interior design commissions through to city masterplans and large-scale building projects.

The future of sustainable design lies in an approach that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of individuals and, ultimately, society.

Human-centred design uses an interactive web-based survey to engage with a broad range of building users and commissioning teams to establish their specific priorities relating to end-user wellbeing.

The data forms a set of indicators which are used by our design teams to make informed and timely decisions that promote and embody the values of health and wellbeing. This encompasses everything from building layout and plan organization, through to environmental design solutions, materials and specification of systems.

From hotels, cruise liners, airports and train stations, to schools, offices, laboratories and residential buildings, our interior designers bring our clients’ spaces to life. By responding to their needs, values and aspirations with responsive, bespoke and high-quality designs, we create environments that work and inspire.

We’re dedicated to delivering designs that harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and our clients thrive on our ability to solve problems through creativity, collaboration and flexibility. This approach allows us to use our industry-leading technical expertise so that we have the edge when developing dynamic interiors for any environment.

Our landscape designers use their flair for creating imaginative and memorable spaces, blending the technical demands of a brief with the natural constraints of location.

We plan, design and implement sustainable and inspirational solutions across a full range of sites, both in rural and urban locations across the world.

From concept feasibility through planning to full implementation on the ground, we enable our clients to achieve the best results from any public or private space, delivering a practical balance between the long-term health of the environment and the demands of modern day living.

Masterplanning must be both visionary and practical – allowing our clients to achieve full development potential. We combine analysis of the policy, planning and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial, cost and phasing implications to meet our customers’ objectives.

Our work ranges from major metropolitan masterplans in large cities, through to plans for brownfield and greenfield sites of all sizes, to urban design frameworks for towns and declining district centres. We also deliver masterplanning for station and interchange buildings, together with adjacent associated mixed-use developments.

Our clients come to us not only for our wide-ranging, forward-looking expertise but for the decades of success that provide the foundations for every new project. Over the past 25 years we’ve produced hundreds of masterplans – with over 500 in China alone.

We’re as passionate as our clients are when it comes to creating imaginative, elegant and practical solutions for all aspects of public realm design.

We deliver solutions of vision and quality that reflect and enhance local place and identity, and which endorse good practice in a useful and meaningful way. Materials, features and creative thinking are combined to produce functional, unique and thought-provoking places by day and night. All aspects of the design are also evaluated against the need for flexibility, future-proofing, long life and low maintenance.

We also solve the often conflicting demands of traffic management and the preservation and enhancement of public spaces in many types of urban areas, including conservation areas, market towns and other historic settlements.

We partner with our clients to deliver inclusive design across a variety of sectors - creating environments in buildings which reflect diversity of needs and facilitate social inclusion.

From access audits and strategic advice, through to design team and project support, our network of specialists offers a wide-range of services to many sectors. Beyond this, our clients trust us to navigate the continually changing legislations around inclusion while anticipating emergent needs relating to issues such as our ageing world population and increasingly diverse societies.


From the water treatment plants revolutionizing communities around the world to the mission critical software that can make or break a crucial operation: we bring together technical powerhouses and cutting-edge innovation to deliver an engineering service like no other on the planet.

The way we work is as forward-thinking as the solutions we provide, embracing automated delivery, collaborative thinking and a truly flexible workforce. The partnerships we forge with our clients encompass all of this and more, as we support them throughout the full project life-cycle, from feasibility studies and planning, to detailed design and whole life support.

Our comprehensive civil engineering consultation and advice supports our clients from concept design through to construction and operation. Our clients trust our deep-seated expertise across all critical infrastructure – whether they require airports, mixed-use developments, nuclear sites or any other type of civil engineering solution. We co-ordinate large multi-disciplinary teams to create fully integrated engineering solutions, drawing on our extensive international experience to provide our clients with new and different perspectives.

We also work with our clients to understand their specific needs and engage contractors and utility providers to reach a collaborative solution. Our focus on building relationships and a mutual understanding of the end-goal helps reduce the time and cost of delivery.

Our building services engineers provide a comprehensive environmental, mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy service with an impressive track-record - delivering an extensive portfolio of projects.

As the world our clients operate in continues to change at breakneck speed, they increasingly trust us to deliver solutions with the sustainable, low-carbon considerations that will ensure reliable, long-term success. We achieve this by combining technology and creative thinking to produce sustainable design solutions that meet wide-ranging needs and maximize efficiency for both new build and refurbishments.

Our electrical engineers deliver complete services to our clients across the energy, water, rail and built environment sectors, encompassing all aspects of design and project management.

Those services include electrical engineering services include tendering, procurement, surveying, design of electrical distribution systems and more.

Our client partnerships are built on our unparalleled reputation as an international, leading supplier of geotechnical consultancy services. Our portfolio of prestigious and diverse geotechnical projects across the world mean that they trust us to deliver comprehensive services across three technical streams:

  • Tunnelling and underground space
  • Energy geotechnics and specialist services
  • Infrastructure geotechnics.

We also specialize in the design of foundations and substructures at the most demanding end of the spectrum, through to the production of construction drawings and bar-bending schedules.

Our comprehensive mechanical engineering capabilities serve clients around the world across a diverse range of sectors, including aerospace, defence, energy, water, rail and the built environment.

From the design of aircraft high lift devices and water treatment plants, through to the latest building services systems, our mechanical engineering experts have brought some of the world’s most critical infrastructure projects to life.

Our experience in providing both dynamic and steady state process simulation consultancy and advice has been serving a diverse range of clients around the world for decades.

We deliver benefits to oil and gas development projects both onshore and offshore throughout the asset lifecycle. Our clients trust us to not only focus on the development and application of dynamic simulation techniques, but to combine this with our decades-deep experience in traditional process engineering knowledge.

From design validation for new development projects to trouble shooting support for existing assets, our renowned process simulation knowledge and expertise provides our clients with the technical assurance they seek throughout the value chain.

Our end-to-end software engineering and assurance solutions ensure that our customers’ business and mission critical software is in the safest of hands.

The breadth and depth of expertise, coupled with our proven track record of past successes, empowers us to respond to the most technically challenging and time critical software projects.

Our structural engineering team combines an in-depth understanding of engineering principles, technological opportunities, construction processes and in-service use – all of which are tailored to our clients’ end goals.

We have the breadth and depth of experience to tackle any structure our clients can conceive of, from new rail stations or schools to bridges and nuclear power stations.

Our structural engineers can produce fully co-ordinated and integrated designs that not only ensure successful solutions, but optimise the construction process and minimize maintenance costs along the way.

As a leading provider of professional, technology-based consultancy and support services, we’ve elevated the systems engineering requirements of countless client projects, redefining best practice in the process.

Working with systems engineers from our defence, highways, rail, nuclear, marine and architecture businesses, we support operations in markets of all levels of maturity: where systems engineering is totally embedded; where it is used but still novel; and where it is not yet recognized.

Whatever the market, the aim remains the same: to create value for our clients by combining our broad capability with a consistent, world-leading approach to systems engineering.

We provide high quality aerospace engineering solutions built on unparalleled technical ability and industry expertise, and count the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers among our clients. Once we get a project off the ground, our cutting-edge digital services and products will keep it in the air.

We’re also at the forefront of transforming aerospace engineering in a way that enables the faster design, reduced downtime and lower costs that our clients crave. Our broad range of services include design, analysis, landing gear and fuel systems, manufacturing engineering and advanced composite materials.

As a market leader in the design and development of transportation infrastructure, we work with national and local governments, highways authorities, private developers and agencies worldwide to help our clients design the infrastructure that will shape the future of transport.

Our transportation planning and design consultancy work involves developing solutions to enhance our clients’ ability to meet customer needs. From initial feasibility studies and preliminary design, through to funding arrangements, contract procurement and supervision of on-site delivery, our technical design teams have worked with a variety of clients to develop the right solutions to service network needs.

Our longstanding expertise in the transportation sector encompasses the design of:

  • Railways and supporting systems
  • Highways and roads
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Ports and maritime facilities
  • Airports
  • Town and city centre improvements such as traffic management, transport interchanges, bus, pedestrian and cycle schemes.

Our experts deliver tunnel and underground works projects for clients throughout the world. We have extensive experience of handling all project sizes and phases across a wide range of uses: highway, rail, transit, pedestrian, water supply, sewer and utility.

We provide expertise in planning, design, assessment and construction supervision and our tunnel safety and operation specialists offer additional services, ensuring our clients’ teams, customers and other tunnel users are safe and well-informed at all times.

Tunnelling requires input from multiple disciplines and our clients value our unique ability to provide a comprehensive range of services in-house for various types of tunnels, caverns and related structures.

We provide unrivalled expertise in pipeline and subsea engineering, with emphasis on challenging deep-water and high-pressure, high temperature facilities.

Our services encompass the full lifecycle of subsea facilities within early field development, project delivery, project assurance, operations, and decommissioning.

We have class-leading subsea skills in flow assurance, pipeline and subsea engineering, materials and corrosion engineering, integrity management, and risk and reliability.

Whether it’s the development of masterplans, hydrographic surveys and computer modelling, design of dredging programs or assessments of market potential, our experts deliver cutting-edge port and coastal facilities no matter where in the world our clients require them.

We offer comprehensive port development services and use our diverse marine and civil engineering experience to design facilities that satisfy a port’s requirements, while maintaining flexibility for response to future change. Additionally, thanks to our multidisciplinary capabilities, we’re able to offer essential off-port infrastructure and solve environmental issues that often impede port development.

Whether our clients operate in the public or private sector, we offer the comprehensive consulting services necessary to overcome the challenges inherent to water infrastructure. Whether optimizing the performance of new and aging infrastructure, enabling sustainable, smart growth or program funding: our clients trust us our combination of cutting-edge expertise and deep-seated experience to deliver the best solutions possible.

Our experts are experienced in providing design and consulting services related to water and wastewater treatment, ranging from preliminary engineering through to construction, and incorporate a wide range of innovative technologies and advanced processes to deliver exceptional projects. Plus, our integrated approach to the development of project solutions builds value for clients and helps advance the best practices of the industries we serve.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM has redefined project delivery in the design and engineering industry, changing everything from the tools we use, the skills required, and the way we work with customers.

We recognized long ago that BIM represents the future of our industry and have been strategically proactive in leading the exploitation of BIM and implementing it on our customers’ projects.

In the past year alone, we’ve been involved in more than 50 projects around the world where BIM has been successfully applied to deliver projects more efficiently and effectively than traditional methods would have allowed.


Operations and Maintenance

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Operations and Maintenance

PDF, 4.0MB

Building Cyber Resilience into our railway DNA

pdf, 491KB

The Atkins-designed Dubai Opera's first performance by Placido...

pdf, 369KB

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