Our clients in the water supply and quality industry not only work with one of the most complex, ever-changing resources – they work with one of the most important. Simply put, water sustains all life, which is why we’re proud to bring together the best expertise and latest innovations to meet the challenges facing our clients – and the wider world – head on.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to water. Our clients face growing populations, climate change, pollution, manufacturing, and changing lifestyles as they attempt to deliver solutions that maintain and enhance our collective wellbeing.

They trust us to partner with them in this because we’ve been designing and building water infrastructure around the world for more than a century. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure water services are environmentally responsible because, considering the stakes, delivering ‘good enough’ simply isn’t good enough. That’s why we’re always pushing research and innovation boundaries as we look to create better solutions.

Our areas of expertise are wide-ranging — from specializing in protecting water sources and ensuring waterborne contaminants stay out of sensitive ecosystems, to meeting compliance with all regulators. We keep our clients’ needs in mind and work closely with them to make sure this always happens. Whether we’re designing a drinking water plant, figuring out how to treat and return wastewater safely to the ecosystem, or finalizing a river management and flood defence strategy, our sustainable solutions are realistic, durable, and adaptable.

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Our expertise

Water Wastewater River, basin and catchment, coastal and maritime
Supply and treatment Treatment, disposal and sludge management Ports, marinas and harbour
Transport and distribution Stormwater management Environment and ecology
Environment and ecology Environment and ecology  


Humans and water have a complicated relationship. We need to protect and nurture it, but also understand that it can be a dangerous and destructive force. Our water management experts recognize this, and make sure sustainability and safety are central to every project we deliver.

Protecting community health starts with ensuring access to clear drinking water. That’s why our water specialists have one of the most important—and rewarding—jobs in the engineering industry. Every completed project is a solution that directly impacts human health, while also advancing industry best practices.

We supply all types of drinking water solutions to our clients, from installing wells in rural communities to engineering and building sophisticated seawater desalination complexes in dry climates. While creating safe drinking water is always the goal, how we get there is specifically tailored to each project. Our deep understanding of treatment technologies—such as desalination, reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, sand filtration, disinfection, ozonation, and biological or physicochemical treatments—means every project benefits from the best expertise available.

Our team also helps clients maximize groundwater resources within environmental and regulatory guidelines. Whether recommending tried and tested processes or ground-breaking technologies, like aquifer storage and recovery, we help manage our clients’ water supplies responsibly and effectively.

Involvement at all levels

Our clients expect end results that deliver against all social, environmental, and economic markers of success. Every project we develop looks to achieve this in realistic, sustainable, and affordable ways. From preliminary studies through design, construction and commissioning, we handle all phases, including operations and maintenance.

We provide optimal process technologies that meet our clients’ needs and budget when designing new facilities. For existing plants, our modernization and upgrade services allow clients to increase overall capacity, meet new regulatory requirements, and improve process efficiency.

Supply and treatment image

For many municipalities, ensuring steady access to clean drinking water is a major challenge. Our solutions help clients overcome challenges linked to aging water supply infrastructure, service interruptions, and system leaks. We cover all aspects of water transportation and distribution projects, from designing new pipelines to rehabilitating existing infrastructure.

Urban and environmentally sensitive locations also add to the tests our clients face. Whether carrying out major construction for local governments or business owners, our technical professionals find ways to minimize impacts and treat each design uniquely. We consider owner preferences, operating parameters, and external conditions along the route. We’re proud to set the industry standards that elevate our clients’ projects, participating in national standards committees, and staying aware of the latest developments.

Our cutting-edge technologies and pioneering expertise is also changing the way our clients gather data on their water supplies. Since water infrastructure is often buried, reliable data collection systems and real-time network controls reveal what’s happening underground. By tracking pressure and flow, these systems inform maintenance decisions. And by tracking consumption rates, they help city planners anticipate future needs.

We develop master, action, investment, and asset management plans so clients can arrange their long-term work and budgets.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Route evaluations
  • Geographic information systems mapping and database collection
  • Corrosion studies and designs
  • Hydraulic and surge analyses
  • Permitting
  • Ecological assessments and monitoring
  • Property and design surveying
  • Property acquisition assistance
  • Conceptual planning
  • Detailed pipeline design (trench and trenchless technologies)
  • Bidding and construction administration
  • Start-up and final certification
  • In-plant pipe manufacture inspections
Transport distribution image


Wastewater occurs through a mix of domestic, industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities. This is all part of people going about their daily lives and is fundamental to how our world works, but also creates potential issues for the environment that our clients work to combat.

As awareness grows of the scale of the issue, most clients and communities now realize they need help reducing, containing, treating and returning their wastewater production: that’s where we come in.

We pride ourselves on providing integrated, original technical and management solutions for our clients. Our services start with feasibility studies and carry through to project proposals, environmental impact assessments, and elements governing design. We also advise clients on how to better manage their facilities - our expertise and experience helps them to reduce capital and operating costs, improve energy efficiency and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. With a thorough understanding of regulations and legal frameworks, we ensure our clients stay one step ahead of the curve in a constantly changing landscape.

Comprehensive wastewater engineering services

Our expertise covers primary, secondary (physicochemical or biological), and tertiary treatments (UV or ozonation). We also help plant owners with pumping, air quality and odour control, spill control, composting and biomethanization, and bio-solid treatment and recycling. Working on mandates of all sizes and scopes, we help our clients run efficient plants while ensuring complete environmental protection.

Turning waste into energy

Wastewater isn’t just refuse... it’s a resource to be renewed and reused. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of sludge recycling, recuperation of energy from bio-solids, and the management of residual waste.

Our wastewater expertise extends to our work in developing countries, where our work improves sanitation and health conditions in both the rural and urban environment. Wherever in the world our work takes us, we strengthen our clients’ ability to manage the complex challenges involved in bettering infrastructure and environmental health for their communities.

Treatment image

While pipes, pumps, sewers and ditches make up the core of water collection systems, managing sanitary waste and surface run-off involves much more than that. Our water engineers help clients such as city planners manage water collection systems by designing solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Many of the existing wastewater and stormwater collection networks our clients are working with were built generations ago. They were not designed for today’s population level, or for the changes brought by global warming. Our engineers—always up-to-date on the best technology and latest climate change scenarios—help cities and municipalities cope with these challenges.

We regularly assist asset owners by helping them predict and prevent system blockages, breakages, or flooding. Network modelling is essential for this type of work because it shows clients what to do long before issues become problems.

When flooding does happen, our work reduces the impact. Not only do we design and implement flood alleviation schemes, we develop strategies to guide sustainable management of flood risk in catchments and urban areas.

We build forecasting systems to provide advanced warning of significant flood events and develop emergency plans. That way, when the worst happens, our clients can keep the people in their communities safe.

Stormwater management image

River, Basin, Coastal & maritime

From helping with flooding prevention to building a cargo-handling facility, our solutions are built on a threefold understanding of the impact they have on the environment, communities and our clients’ future successes.

Rivers, dams, and reservoirs play a critical, and sometimes overlooked, role in our lives –they’re a key source of water and food, and are often sites for leisure activities. Maximizing our clients’ abilities to provide solutions that play this role, while also minimizing potential destructive impacts such as property damage from flooding, drive our projects in this area.

We have extensive experience with rivers – from their rehabilitation and the design of waterway structures, to navigation, hydropower development, water supply, and recreational uses. We also inspect, design, and construct all types of dams and reservoirs, addressing our clients’ concerns about safety, stability, flooding, and seismic activity.

Our comprehensive experience is matched by our trailblazing expertise. Our hydrologists understand catchments, no matter how simple or complex the systems our clients are working with. We’re also fluent in river management: from assessing interactions between rainfall for water resources and drought management, to understanding flood risk and providing forecasting and management options. Our geomorphologists, hydraulic modellers, and water quality scientists offer a clear understanding of how rivers respond to flows and adapt over time, ensuring long-term success for our clients’ projects. Our environmental scientists and landscape architects know what makes for a healthy, bio-diverse, and sustainable environment.

Our goal is to reach increasingly difficult standards of technical, economic, and environmental understanding, and have worked for decades to improve our approach to risk management. Our need to pioneer new and better approaches for our clients drives sustainable river management in a range of environments.

River basin catchment image

Keeping communities safe requires the proper management of water. That means developing effective surface water management plans and contribute to water cycle studies.

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in surface water drainage, flood risk, sustainable drainage systems (SUDS), water quality, GIS development, and engineering design. From strategy to implementation, they provide our clients with wide-ranging services required to achieve successful surface water management.

Surface water drainage image

We have extensive expertise in locks and waterways, and our team provides structural, mechanical and electrical design solutions for lock gates, dock gates, sluices, and movable bridge structures.

Our engineering capabilities include automatic control systems and related software. We draw on this to provide detailed design from concept to fabrication and commissioning, including full manufacturing drawings.

Waterways locks image

Our clients breathe easier knowing that our port development services are as comprehensive as any in the world. Whether developing master plans, permitting, financial services, hydrographic surveying or computer modelling, we bring unparalleled expertise and experience to a complex, evolving industry. We also assess market potential, and design dredging programs, cruise and cargo terminals, and related facilities like warehouses and wharves.

In understanding the latest intermodal technological advances in cargo handling, we’re able to help our clients with port projects develop the water and landside facilities necessary to excel in their anticipated markets. Worldwide, cargo-handling is trending toward containerization, so we work with clients to expand their throughputs and capture new markets by upgrading their berths and storage areas into more productive, integrated container terminals. That said, we recognize that not all ports are served by large container ships that require sophisticated facilities and equipment. These ports also need us, and we translate their operational needs into the flexible facilities they require to thrive.

Our team’s diversified marine and civil engineering experience allows us to design facilities that satisfy our clients’ current requirements, while remaining responsive to future trends that may impact their ports. In addition, because of our multidisciplinary capabilities, we’re able to address the off-port infrastructure essential to the successful movement of cargo, as well as the environmental issues that often impede port development.

Ports marines harbours image

Environment & Ecology

Careful management of natural resources is an important priority, not only for our clients, but for the wider world. We help our clients with projects that restore vital ecosystems, incorporate environmentally-responsible features and processes, and promote sustainability wherever possible.

Our people have the latest environmental research and methods at their fingertips, and we’re large enough that our practices can drive industry-wide change. It’s a serious responsibility, but also a great opportunity to empower our clients with sustainable solutions whenever and wherever we can.

The impact of this is clear. For example, when we implement comprehensive environmental restoration and water management plans for natural resources, including lakes, rivers and streams, estuaries, wetlands, and threatened habitats. When we provide effective flood control solutions for urban communities while still preserving the beauty and function of existing riparian corridors. When we give the best possible freshwater ecology advice to keep the organisms in a river, lake, or bog, healthy.

We also help our clients and their communities conserve valuable drinking water supplies through integrated water resource planning (including reclaimed water, aquifer storage and recovery). This is supported by the cutting-edge technologies that we bring to the table, and celebrated through public awareness campaigns that shine a light on our clients’ incredible work. These projects might involve anything from transforming saltwater into drinkable water or polluted runoff into safe discharges, to improving and protecting the overall quality of watersheds through the monitoring and setting of total maximum daily pollutant loads. Ultimately our focus is to help our customers implement the best management practices for their unique project and environment.


Decommissioning & Waste Management

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Decommissioning & Waste Management

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