Shaping the future of transport

Our increasingly-connected, populous world needs transport that is easier, safer and more reliable than anything we’ve ever seen.

By combining traditional engineering, new technologies and creative thinking, we’re bringing our transportation clients’ ideas to life while meeting increased demands on infrastructure. Our clients rely on us not only to deliver more, but to deliver better: sustainable solutions that deliver the results our clients demand and the changes their communities require.

As a partner of choice for clients around the world, our industry-leading expertise, strategic insight and capability span the full transport ecosystem. We reimagine infrastructure across:

Our collaborative approach puts our clients at the heart of everything we do, driving efficiencies, improving mobility and unlocking growth. We strive to be the premier engineering solutions partner, committed to delivering complex projects from vision to reality for a sustainable lifespan.

We work with our clients to anticipate their customers’ needs and to understand and create new possibilities. We do this by providing creative, smart, affordable and sustainable delivery and funding models. This results in solutions which positively impact society- ensuring we help our clients deliver a better tomorrow and shape the future of transport.

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We are a truly global consultancy and project management firm.

We provide world-leading best practice, expertise and support projects across the globe.

Rail & Transit

From harnessing the power of nascent technologies that deliver seamless, personalized passenger experiences, to optimizing operations and reducing risks through decades of experience in engineering excellence… We’re helping to empower our customers to change the face of rail travel.

We consult on, design, construct, operate and maintain the intelligent, integrated systems required to deliver smarter cities and better transportation. Whether our clients need a specific service, expertise or an end-to-end approach, we’re here to help.

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, working collaboratively to enable seamless, personalized passenger experiences, optimized operations, reduced risk, increased safety and greater efficiency.

We’re experts in all technical railway disciplines, with the proven skills and decades of knowledge required for today’s sustainable rail and transit projects. Our team offers comprehensive consultancy and advisory services, and our clients include railway authorities, manufacturers, operators and contractors.

We provide services on every type of railway and asset through the whole lifecycle of new or existing railway projects. Our experts develop concepts then design, build and finance our clients’ projects. We can also help operate, maintain and enhance every asset, making us the partner of choice.

Canada line image

The Canada Line is a 19km, fully-automated commuter rail line and part of Vancouver’s SkyTrain network, one of the largest of its kind in the world. We are providing total engineering, procurement, construction, partial financing, and operations and maintenance of the project until 2040.

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The demand for more wide-ranging, fit-for-purpose rail and transit solutions is growing every day, and we bring our expertise to any project, regardless of its location, size or complexity.

We advise our clients on how to structure and contract their projects, as well as how to enhance the operation and maintenance of their railways. We also execute full turnkey design, build, operations and maintenance of railway systems in North America.

Rail transit rolling stock station people image

Decades of experience and 5,500 specialists around the world have built our global reputation as the leading experts in rolling stock.

Our expertise includes every kind of passenger rail vehicle (high speed, mainline, metro and light rail), as well as every kind of freight vehicle. Our experience covers every step of the project lifecycle, and we use that knowledge to help our clients reduce their costs and improve their users’ experience.

Our wide-range of products, technologies and systems improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of rolling stock. Whether overseeing an upgrade to an existing asset, or helping to procure a whole new fleet, we have a track-record of getting the job done effectively and on budget.

Global capabilities and diverse consulting services

We provide consultancy services around the world on all aspects of rolling stock. We begin by determining the business feasibility of a client’s proposal, and extend that to supporting the specification, procurement, operations and maintenance of their assets.

Our rolling stock expertise includes:

  • Disability access & inclusion
  • Reliability improvement
  • Client facilities
  • Interior design
  • Vehicle ride improvements
  • Construction oversight
  • Specification
  • Training
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
Rail rolling stock tall image
Traction power supply  image

Our project capabilities and specialist technical skills empower our clients to bring people together through rail travel.

When it comes to keeping a train running, we’re experts across the board. We have significant experience in designing and supplying traction and power systems around the world, as well as installing and commissioning them. We also operate and maintain many of those systems as part of public-private partnerships – and have done so for decades.

Knowing the job end-to-end allows us to make informed decisions at every stage of a project we’re working on. If we’re consulting on the design of an overhead line, we’re also considering how we can maintain it over the next 30 years. The result is better overhead lines for our clients now and reduced maintenance costs later.

A one-stop shop for custom solutions over the project lifecycle

Our traction and power team provide transmission and substation solutions, while our railway team offers tailored solutions for rail. Our ongoing investment in digital allows us to deliver quickly, with higher quality and at greater cost efficiency. We provide a range of engineering consultancy services for new railway electrification projects and existing network infrastructure enhancements, and we work on projects of every size and scope.

Our traction, power supply and distribution expertise includes:

  • Train simulation & load flow modelling
  • Traction power system design
  • Substation design & option assess
  • Testing & commissioning
  • New multidisciplinary & electrification projects
  • Infrastructure renewals
  • OCS basic, allocation & construction design
  • Power rail design
  • Incident investigation & forensic examination
  • Workforce training
Traction power supply side image
Rail track klang image

Our highly-experienced track and civil engineers embrace forward thinking ideas and innovative technologies in a way that truly benefits of our clients.

We have wide-ranging experience in the design of civil engineering infrastructure and integrating it within the wider rail system. No matter what projects our clients put in front of us, our team applies the same overarching approach: What is needed right now and how can we build it? How do we operate and maintain it for future success? That kind of foresight means an end result that saves clients money throughout the lifetime of the project.

The many other creative solutions we develop also lead to faster, more cost-effective construction. Our team works on projects of all sizes and scope, from the alignment of a major new-build railway to the structural inspection of an active light rail system.

International experience at every stage of the project lifecycle

We provide our track and civil engineering services to clients around the world, and we’re often involved in the entire project lifecycle, from feasibility studies right through to operations and maintenance. Our designers specialize in alignment, track formation, grading and drainage design across all rail modes.

Our track and civil engineering expertise includes:

  • Geospatial & drone surveys
  • Freight & passenger services
  • Subways, light rail & tramways
  • Route selection studies
  • Track structure designs
  • Rail-structure interaction modelling & analysis
  • Transit-oriented developments
  • Site grading & paving
  • Utilities design
  • Storm water management
  • Traffic management
Track civil engineering side image

We have successfully and safely facilitated some of the largest light and heavy rail systems in the world, delivering large-scale results built on an unrivalled attention to the finest details.

A functional railway can only happen when thousands of complex systems come together. Our integration experts understand the technical details of each of these systems and have the tools to make sure they work together. For example, ensuring that the electrical supply one of our teams develops actually powers the equipment other teams are installing. Our foresight and intricate coordination keeps things moving.

Getting people and goods from point A to point B is only half the job – our systems assurance team makes sure they get there efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. This global network of technical experts provides services in the fields of risk, system safety and quality assurance on significant projects worldwide. They deliver assurance across the entire lifecycle of a major project or at a specific stage, including everything from preliminary assessment to certifying an entire railway.

Providing essential services for safe and efficient rail and transit systems

Our systems integration and assurance experts work with multiple stakeholders to integrate critical systems in diverse environments and ensure they’re safe and certified. The team develops a number of standardized integration toolkits to keep project costs affordable.

Our systems integration and assurance expertise includes:

  • System engineering
  • Stakeholder & interface management
  • Integrated assurance strategy
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Requirements capture & management
  • System specification
  • Verification & validation
  • Configuration & change control
  • Human factors
  • Reliability, availability & maintainability
Railway buildings image

We deliver buildings and depots that are functional and beautifully designed

Like our clients, we understand that what people see on the outside has to be matched by the highest-quality workings on the inside. Our specialist railway architects and engineering experts combine their skills to deliver sustainable, efficient and visually compelling structures. Our one-stop shop approach is known for its creative design solutions that are minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the performance of our buildings, including depots, stations or oversite developments.

Our understanding of the complex, multidisciplinary and demanding railway environment is evident in all our work, whether we’re designing a new depot or collaborating with a client to upgrade their station facilities. We also think like an owner and act like its operator enabling us to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Experience-based solutions for all phases of a building’s lifecycle

Our multidisciplinary teams provide creative, long-term solutions at any phase of the project lifecycle, from feasibility and development, to design and construction management. We also design, build, operate, maintain and finance buildings and facilities.

Our train control and communications expertise includes:

  • Systems engineering & integration
  • Project planning & consents
  • Design & construction management
  • Procurement strategy & support
  • Environmental assessments & surveys
  • Constructability & cost planning
  • Project & risk management
  • Rail infrastructure design
  • Mechanical, electrical & public health
  • Architecture, civils & structures
  • Operational performance & capacity modelling
Railway buildings image

We use advanced technologies to help clients visualize and get the right information at any point during their projects’ lifecycle, getting on top of issues faster and decreasing risk substantially.

Building Lifecycle Management is a collaborative approach that allows us to plan, design, build, operate and maintain a rail or transit asset using an integrated digital mock-up and a single set of interoperable, reusable data.

Optimizing the power of Building Information Modelling applications through the lifecycle of our clients’ assets

The Building Lifecycle Management approach enables us to use our distinctive end-to-end capabilities. We able take advantage of the multiple Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications during the early stages of a project to communicate the right information to multiple stakeholders along its entire lifecycle. That includes during operations and maintenance, when owners may need to refer back to how something was designed or built if they want to make changes or replacements.

Some of the many BIM use cases we work with include:

  • Digital modelling
  • Laser scanning
  • Visual communication
  • Interdisciplinary 3D coordination
  • Engineering & constructability analysis
  • Quantity take-offs
  • 4D scheduling
  • 5D cost estimation
  • 6D sustainability analysis
  • 7D facility & asset management
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Our unique approach to train control and communications, along with our talented experts, keeps people and goods safely moving around the world.

Train control is the technology that keeps a railway safe and allows a train to perform optimally. Communication systems are the key to making them work reliably and efficiently. We’re experts at designing, installing, operating and maintaining these technologies, but we also capitalize on them by adding a human-centred approach. By considering how rail needs to perform for the people who operate, maintain and ride it, we make rail better for everyone who uses it.

Our clients value that focus just as much as our work on some of the world’s most demanding railways. We also bring our whole lifecycle experience to whichever individual part of that cycle we’re working on. It means if we’re consulting on the design of a new signalling system, we’re also thinking about how it would be operated and maintained for decades to come.

Industry-leading consultants who work around the world

As world leaders in delivering GOA4 fully-automated railways, our clients are able to draw on our international capabilities covering the full range of rail control and communication technologies. We welcome projects of all sizes, whether a minor modification on an existing system, or introducing new control technologies across an entire rail network.

Our train control and communications expertise includes:

  • Conventional legacy & digital signalling
  • European train control system
  • Positive train control
  • Automated A1 systems
  • Rail control systems
  • Communication-based train control
  • Traffic management system
  • Light rapid transit railways
  • Automatic train control
  • Global system for mobile communications-railways (GSM-R)
  • Operations & maintenance
Train control and communication image

Our services cover the entire industry and so does our experience

We deliver our Rail & Transit services around the world on projects of every size and scope. Our global capabilities allow us to provide our clients with the advanced strategic, engineering and technological solutions needed to ensure success in an ever-changing world.

We manage our clients’ projects the same way we do our own, with careful attention to cost, quality and time.

By partnering with governments and other stakeholders around the world to deliver major rail projects, our project management team plays a crucial role in delivering long-term success for all. In addition to consulting work, we serve as project managers on a number of large initiatives. We bring our experience to every client, and because project management is our only task, we consistently deliver on a broad range of services.

The technical expertise of our in-house engineers and other railway specialists provide us with an industry-leading advantage at any stage of a project, from concept to build to maintenance. Whether providing a single technical report or managing the construction of an integrated railway, we take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Reliable project delivery supported by smart engineering

Our award-winning team project manages every imaginable aspect of a railway system, from a design modification to a full rolling stock procurement process. We’ve earned a reputation for doing it not only on time and on budget, but in a way that guarantees the successful outcomes our clients turned to us for.

Our project management services include:

  • Commercial management
  • Program management
  • Project engineering
  • Cost management & control
  • Project control & planning
  • Requirements management
  • Asset management
Rail project management image

When the most important business decisions you have to make rely on overcoming the industry’s most challenging problems, who do you turn to? We’ve been helping our clients make the right decisions for decades, ensuring that success is in their sights from the word go.

We know our industry extensively, because we’ve spent years working as consultants and directors within it. Some of our team were even SNC-Lavalin clients prior to joining us. By adding management consulting skills to our team’s deep sector knowledge, we’re now a global consultancy, providing leading analytical, commercial and operational expertise.

We use that expertise to help clients considering new investments in transport systems, infrastructure or services. We consistently develop successful strategies to deliver some of the industry’s biggest projects. That includes helping a new high-speed railway evaluate the optimum specification for its fleet and, supporting a public transport operator to successfully bid for a new mass rapid transit line. We can operate in all types of railway environments, from light rail to high speed, including freight.

Working with executive teams to transform businesses

We’re always focused on ensuring clients get the right outcomes. We often work as trusted advisors to executive teams within governments, infrastructure providers, investors and operators to transform their businesses. We support transactions for acquisitions and private financing, and provide expert advice on rolling stock. Our support extends from “concept to contract.” This means we begin by assessing the business case for a new rail system, or a major investment in an existing system, and finish by selecting the preferred suppliers.

Our strategic advisory services include:

  • Analytics & modelling
  • Rail operations
  • Due diligence
  • Franchise mobilization
  • Procurement client side
  • Third party enhancements
  • Economics & business case
  • Franchise letting
  • Demand & revenue
  • Procurement bidding
Rail strategic advisory image

Nothing beats seeing a project come to life in ways that exceed all expectations, and we thrive on delivering the bespoke commercial advice and financing strategies necessary to turn our clients’ ideas into reality.

Our Transport Advisory team along with Atkins Acuity, our end-to-end advisory consulting business, give our public and private clients an industry advantage. We do that by combining operational expertise in the rail sector with significant commercial experience. Many of our team members came from key roles in the rail industry or banking sector, while others worked as consultants on contracts all over the world. Together, we’ve become experts at developing commercial strategies and taking them to market.

Our own successes include serving as trusted advisors on the world’s largest rolling stock procurement and helping a major new rail project secure the financing it needed to get off the ground after years of delay. Since we participate in public-private partnership transactions, we’re able to bring the same skills and attention to our clients that we use when spending our own money.

Full support through the transaction lifecycle

Our team excels at all of its commercial and financial services, including testing the market for private sector interest, developing bids, carrying out due diligence on transactions and arranging finance and funding. Our work is always underpinned by strong commercial acumen and financial modelling.

Commercial advisory and financing includes:

  • Business case development
  • Strategy & planning
  • Formal PPP & unsolicited proposal development
  • Lenders’ technical advisory
  • Value capture & alternative revenue streams
  • Demand & revenue modelling
  • Railway operations strategy
  • Detailed timetable planning
  • Procurement & bid leadership and support
  • Due diligence & lenders’ technical advisory

We provide our services through three teams: Transport Planning, Transformation and Transaction.

Transport Planning

  • Transport appraisal & business cases
  • Demand & revenue modelling (passenger and vehicle)
  • Ticketing & revenue protection
  • Performance regimes
  • Service strategies


  • Franchise bid strategy & support
  • Project sponsorship & development
  • Shadow operations/user requirements
  • Transport operations (including operational modelling)
  • Strategic business review & change


  • Procurement, bid leadership & support
  • Due diligence & lenders’ technical advisory
  • Commercial & financial advisory (including PPPs and concessions)
  • Asset stewardship planning & valuation
  • Analytics & modelling (including resources and costs)
Commercial advisory group image

We use our experience to deliver detailed information and technical advice on the many complexities that can make or break a client’s rail and transit project.

We serve as trusted advisors on some of the world’s largest and most demanding railway systems. Our multidisciplinary teams also bring that same expertise to smaller projects, because when our clients succeed it benefits the people and communities we serve.

A broad knowledge base allows us to deliver tangible benefits on a vast range of projects for our clients. Our work can vary from predicting the remaining life of a major public transport network’s rolling stock, to advising a government on the specifications for a new signalling system, or transitioning to a new track system.

Solving clients’ toughest problems in an evolving industry

As the rail and transit industry evolves, there is a need for sound advice on its rapidly changing technologies. Our experts always know what’s ahead and are skilled at helping clients understand how it impacts them. The team helps them make the right decisions and finds solutions to their toughest problems.

Our technical advisory services include:

  • Cost analysis & reduction
  • Life assessment modelling & extension
  • Expert witness services
  • Whole-life cost analysis
  • Failure & accident investigation
  • Performance improvement
  • Obsolescence management
  • Supplier assessment
  • Technical due diligence
Rail technical advisory aerial drone image

We understand rail. We understand digital. And, we’re an engineering firm. We combine all three strengths to deliver unrivalled, ground-breaking digital solutions.

Technology creates incredible new opportunities for the rail industry, and we’re helping our clients make the most of them. Our digital services are in demand and winning awards because they bring the types of benefits to our clients that can truly take rail travel into the future. We provide the kind of products, consultancy and support services that keep owners, operators and maintainers moving forward.

Our specialist focus in digital services is why we’re consistently able to help our clients determine exactly what they need and deliver on those requirements. That could be an app on a tablet giving a driver a real-time view of their journey performance, or mining data from existing systems to provide greater insight over rolling stock assets while in service.

Practical products and strategic solutions

Every client’s need is different, so we provide a mix of industry expertise and application development to help organizations at any point along their digital journey. That could be working with a client to develop and realize a digital asset management framework for turning systems and asset data into operational insight. It might mean implementing our Timetable Advisory Service, which more than a thousand drivers are already using to better manage their rail journeys. These are just two examples of how our many products and consulting services elevate the projects we’re engaged in.

Our digital services include:

  • Web & mobile applications
  • Strategic technology roadmapping
  • Systems roadmapping
  • Software development
  • Engineering data analysis
  • Digital engineering & analytics
  • Digital asset management
  • Connected worker safety
  • Cyber resiliency services Canada and abroad
Rail transit digital services image

We help our clients define what they need, and ensure that we deliver their requirements on budget and on time.

Our impressive procurement capability is due to our mix of engineers and commercial experts who collectively have wide-ranging experience. They work both independently and in teams across several regions globally to ensure that the correct expertise is available to any given project. This flexibility aides us in countless projects, for example when a client in South Africa required 7,000 rail cars we were able to mobilize a procurement team on the ground, supported by experts from the UK.

We offer a one-stop shop that supports clients throughout the procurement lifecycle. That means we specify client requirements, develop a procurement strategy and manage the entire procurement process. We also have considerable experience providing full engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) services on major rail projects in Canada.

A solid reputation for delivering what clients need

We’re known for our rolling stock procurement capabilities but are also experts at procuring other goods and services that make rail systems work effectively. Signalling systems, rolling stock depots and complete greenfield railway systems are just some examples. We help our clients deliver complex projects of all sizes into the operational rail environment.

Our procurement services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • System specification preparation
  • Development of procurement strategy
  • Preparation of pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) documentation
  • Preparation of invitation to tender (ITT) documentation
  • PQQ & ITT evaluation, contract negotiation & financial close
  • Design review
  • Inspection of assets during production
  • Witnessing tests (type, routine & dynamic)
  • Operator training prior to service entry

From signalling, to buildings, to power supply and the track itself: our clients’ successes rely on the many systems that make a railway tick.

Our industry-leading engineers ensure they do just that, delivering the mix of simple and complex functional systems needed for today’s modern railways. We have the confidence of knowing our designs will work, because we also have the experience of successfully building, implementing, operating and maintaining a diverse portfolio of these systems.

Our scope ranges from a single system, such as train control, to the entire railway system it operates within. We’re proud to help clients determine what they need before delivering proven solutions to those needs throughout a system’s entire lifecycle - from conception to operation and maintenance.

Our knowledge and expertise is based on decades spent delivering worldwide success

We design and engineer a wide-range of systems in several countries – in fact anyone who’s ever used a rail-transit system in Canada and the UK has experienced the fruits of our work firsthand. We also have extensive experience in the US, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Our comprehensive approach and rigorous processes ensure safe and reliable systems that deliver every time.

Our design and engineering services include:

  • Conventional & advanced digital signalling systems & products
  • Automated train control
  • Copper & fibre-based networking
  • Voice & data radio
  • SCADA & control systems
  • Passenger information systems
  • Track systems
  • Overhead & third rail power systems
  • Civil engineering & drainage
  • Bridges & tunnels
  • Station buildings & depots
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Building a new railway is an incredible journey. Our pioneering spirit and proven capabilities enable us to lead the way.

We lead and finance complex construction projects in North America, delivering entire railways into service on time and on budget. We’re proud that those same clients choose us to operate and maintain their rail systems, forging partnerships that enable us to continually evolve as designers and builders.

We provide invaluable expertise to deliver sustainable rail and transit projects that shape cities for generations to come. We have the unique capacity to take on diverse mandates of any scale. That, combined with our ability to address the full project lifecycle — from equity investment and arranging financing, to providing engineering, construction and operations and maintenance services — is our key differentiator. It’s how we deliver creative rail systems around the world.

More than just builders

We have a long history and strong track record of successfully minimizing long-term costs and maximizing user benefits. Offering a wide-ranging service portfolio that encompasses all aspects of the railway system and its operations, we also provide construction services across all rail modes, including metro suburban and tram, heavy and high speed. We’re always looking for ways to optimize costs over the project’s lifetime while improving the experience for passengers.

Our construction services include:

  • HSE management
  • Commissioning
  • Planning
  • Contractor evaluation & selection
  • Project construction
  • Financial management
  • Procurement
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Our operations and maintenance experts are proud to keep our clients’ 40 million-plus passengers moving every year.

As cities grow and infrastructure ages, we’re making sure passengers and goods stay on track. We do that by operating, maintaining and rehabilitating the new and existing transit systems that are vital to our communities. We also consult on these services to help other operators and maintainers provide excellent service.

We’re supported in this global work by thousands of in-house engineers and mechanics, and together we focus on safety, quality and sustainability. That’s true whether we’re acting as consultants, or delivering our services through a short-term contract or a 30-year public-private partnership.

Comprehensive experience and cost-effective solutions

Our experience includes all stages of operations, and our full asset management capability means a reliable, cost-effective result. We’re also able to introduce creative technical solutions to increase the efficiency and longevity of rail assets.

Our operations and maintenance services include:

  • Staff recruitment & transitions
  • Asset inspections & maintenance
  • Mobilization
  • Dispatching
  • Brownfield & greenfield asset maintenance & rehabilitation
  • Fleet enlargement programs
  • Line extensions & operations
  • Client service/communications
  • Comprehensive system performance analysis & modelling
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Local Transport

From building sustainable communities to boosting local economies, we provide efficient, reliable local transport networks that have exactly the types of far-reaching impact our clients hope to deliver.

Whether we’re creating cutting-edge intelligent mobility networks or reinvigorating existing roads, parks and street lighting, we tailor the full range of our capabilities to our clients’ specific needs. Increasingly, we’re using digital tools and data to make better design decisions and drive efficiencies in local authorities charged with delivering services. We do this through developing integrated transport solutions that maximise benefits, enabling better investment planning, operation and maintenance decisions, reducing waste and maximising asset longevity.

The services we provide to our clients include everything from strategic policy advice and performance management, through all aspects of demand forecasting and behavioural analysis, to accessibility, transport for land development, streetscapes, pedestrian movement and traffic engineering design.

We’re at the forefront of new technologies that support the development and integration of intelligent mobility, driverless vehicle technology and mobility as a service into existing and new transport infrastructure.

Our expertise

  • Transport infrastructure advisory
  • Cities, space & development planning
  • Transport asset management
  • Sustainable transport & strategy
  • Transport modelling, network operations & technology
  • Economics & business Case
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Intelligent mobility solutions

Our services

West of england image

We have been assisting the West of England authorities to develop a long-term Transport Vision as part of the first Joint Spatial Plan for the region.

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Highways & Roads

Highways and roads are an essential element in connecting people and places, and in enabling the movement of goods. As the number of journeys made for business and leisure continues to increase, we’re helping our client reimagine, reinvent and re-energize infrastructure to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Whoever our clients are – government, financial institutions, private developers and contractors – we work collaboratively with them to plan, design, build, deliver, operate and maintain highway infrastructure.

We’ve been delivering major highway projects for public-sector clients across the world for decades, working on a wide range of projects that includes delivering new tolling systems in America and supporting the delivery of smart motorways in the UK.

Whether our clients require our conventional engineering services, the delivery of complex projects through design-build contracts or full public private partnership (P3 or PPP) arrangements, they’re able to leverage our expertise in project financing, engineering, construction, procurement, operations and maintenance.

Our experience and resources are elevated by our expertise: our clients draw on our in-depth knowledge of emerging ideas and technologies to drive better design choices and optimal efficiency. For example, we help our clients to embrace new ideas such as digital engineering, where we’re incorporating automation in design. By harnessing digital tools and data, we deliver intelligent infrastructure solutions that maximize our clients’ results even further, by developing digital asset management techniques and enabling better investment, operation and maintenance decisions.

Our role as digital leaders puts us at the forefront of intelligent mobility – a development that will change the way the world travels. Combined with increasingly sophisticated driverless technologies, our clients are integrating intelligent mobility into existing and new highways infrastructure, therefore delivering a safer and improved road user experience.

Our expertise

  • Transport strategy & planning & transport modelling
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP or P3) advisory
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Asset management
  • Roadways & highways including overpasses, interchanges & smart motorways
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Tolls
  • Pedestrian safety & mobility
  • Supporting infrastructure including drainage, retaining walls, signage and markers

Our services

Highways and roads image

We are part of the Connect Plus consortium, delivering a 30-year contract to manage and enhance London’s orbital motorway network


The best bridges leave a legacy on the landscape that our clients can be proud of. Together, we’ve been delivering iconic bridges for decades, defined by their cutting-edge designs, durability and the positive impact they have on our clients and the communities they serve.

We achieve this by working in close partnership with our clients and other stakeholders, tuning ourselves to their needs and developing solutions that work with the environment, not against it.

We’ve forged partnerships with many clients including government agencies around the world, along with a global roster of public and private clients. Together, our solutions for bridges and highways are driving economies and uniting millions of people every day.

One of the things that sets us apart is our experience with both design-build and public-private partnership (P3 or PPP) models. Whatever the type of the contract, our goal is to deliver a safe, reliable system on time and on budget. Where P3s are not a factor, our experience in operating the solutions we build gives us a unique perspective on design.

Safety, durability and maintenance are priorities when we engineer project solutions, influencing the design criteria and choice of materials. A case in point is the design solution that our specialists drew up for the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project, which has an expected useful life of 125 years.

Our expertise

  • Bridges design & construction
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP or P3) advisory
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)
  • Other services including drainage, retaining walls, signage & markers

Our services

Bridges are among the most exciting infrastructure projects to build. It is a great privilege to be working on one of the projects that will change the city's urban landscape for many generations to come.

Hugh Boyd, Project Director, Signature on the Saint Lawrence

Infrastructure Canada

The New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project is being conducted under a public-private partnership agreement between the Government of Canada and Signature on the Saint Lawrence Group. SNC-Lavalin, along with partners ACS and HOCHTIEF, is part of the Signature on the Saint Lawrence Group consortium, which is responsible for the design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance, and rehabilitation of the project.

Find out more about our work on the New Champlain Bridge


Across the world, nations are seeking to improve their transportation networks to meet the challenges of an increasingly busy and connected world, while cities look to keep their traffic moving. The options for surface routes and surface space are already restricted - combined with a growing environmental awareness – means that tunnelling is becoming an increasingly prevalent solution.

We provide expertise in funding, planning, design, assessment and construction supervision of rail, highway, water, power and other tunnels. Our tunnel safety and operation specialists offer additional skills designing and maintaining fully integrated systems to keep tunnel users safe and well-informed at all times.

We’ve worked on a multitude of tunnel and underground works projects around the globe. Our people bring extensive experience on handling all project types – big or small – and phases, whether highway, rail, transit, pedestrian, water supply or sewer and utility.

Tunnelling requires input from a number of disciplines and we’re uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive range of services in-house for various types of tunnels, caverns and related structures.

We’ve worked on some of most complex tunnelling projects in modern times, including the Channel Tunnel between England and France, Crossrail in the UK, the Doha Metro in the Middle East and Gautrain in South Africa.

Our expertise

  • Tunnel design & construction
  • Tunnel engineering & ground space design
  • Tunnel rehabilitation
  • Risk management
  • Tunnel ventilation, fire and safety
  • Road, water & railway tunnels

Our services

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A joint SNC-Lavalin/Arup team undertook one of the largest and most important elements of the Crossrail project – the detailed design of the 21km of new twin bore tunnels along its route.

Ports & Maritime

Maintaining and developing port infrastructure and managing our marine and coastal environment are essential in today’s world. The ports and maritime sector is increasingly global, mobile and growing by the year. More than 70% of the world’s population live along coastal plains and ships carry 80% of global trade. With international trade forecasted to grow steadily and predicted to double by 2030, port infrastructure is characterized by a range, longevity and complexity of assets found in few other sectors.

Ports and maritime engineering require a particular expertise consisting of sound technical knowledge, coupled with practical experience in the operation and maintenance of facilities, infrastructure and systems that interface with a marine environment. We have global experience spanning all aspects of port planning and design, marine structural, and coastal engineering as well as procurement, construction, and project and program management. Our work is helping to connect communities and markets through safe and efficient access to water ways and the open ocean.

Our diversified maritime and civil engineering experience allows us to design facilities that satisfy a client’s particular requirements while maintaining flexibility for responses to future change. Combining knowledge, talent and ingenuity, we provide experience-based solutions whether looking at the feasibility of a new facility, repairing or expanding an existing asset or providing engineering services for a green field project. Services provided include all stages of a project from scoping and concept studies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies through to execution. We have the expertise to address every stage of a maritime infrastructure project of any size.

We don’t just design the material handling and terminal systems, but all the facility components that go in and around it, including mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, controls and automation, and road and rail. Our port engineers also specialize in the design and construction of maritime structures including: berthing and mooring dolphins, bulkhead walls, quays, jetties, wharfs, piers and maintenance platforms.

The scope of work often includes: shore protection, dredging, breakwater, land reclamation, site access, bridges, piers, berths for vessels of all sizes and supporting marine infrastructure. Our maritime, mechanical & electrical, and infrastructure engineers work closely together to provide complete solutions to our clients.

Our coastal science and engineering specialists create sustainable shoreline designs and assess the environmental impacts of new coastal developments around the world by taking an integrated approach to the planning, assessment and management of coastal and marine environments to ensure their sustainable use and protection. We provide experienced advice on the adaptive design of coastal defence structures and landforms to prepare for a changing climate.

Our expertise

  • Port & terminal planning & simulation
  • Foreshore rehabilitation
  • Coastal studies & shoreline management
  • Navigation, berthing & mooring assessment
  • Container terminals
  • Import & export bulk terminals
  • Small craft harbours & marinas
  • Shipyard & maintenance facilities
  • Asset inspection & assessment
  • Ferry & RoRo terminals
  • Cruise terminals and facilities
  • Waterfront development

Our services

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We have been working with Port Everglades and Broward County for over 20 years, providing planning, engineering analysis, and design. As program manager, our team currently leads all aspects of the port’s capital improvement program’s execution.

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Airports & Aviation

For more than fifty years our world-class engineering, innovative solutions and standard-setting strategies have been helping our clients soar. The airport and aviation projects that we partner on are making air travel safer, easier and faster than ever before.

Working with airport owners, airlines, governments, lenders and construction companies, we provide multidisciplinary expertise at every stage of a project, from strategic planning through to concept and detailed design.

Our proven track record of success in the sector, supported by our full range of architectural, design and engineering services, enables us to deliver intelligent, cost-effective solutions which are also appropriate for the carbon-conscious world we all increasingly occupy.

Looking beyond a traditional approach to consultancy, many of our airport and aviation experts have significant experience on the client side of the industry before joining us. Whether they found success in managerial, technical or operational roles before joining us, they empower us to find creative and cost-effective solutions that align with our clients’ goals and aspirations.

Our expertise

  • Airport engineering
  • Airport master planning
  • Programme & project management
  • Commercial & strategic consulting
  • Traffic management & operational assessment
  • Aviation safety assessments
  • Airside infrastructure
  • Airport Facilities
  • Airport technologies
  • Passenger Management and security systems
  • Fuel storage & distribution

Our services

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We were commissioned to create a holistic strategy for landside multi-modal transportation operations to address the anticipated future landside transport demand at Dubai International over the next 10 years, until operations transfer over to new Al Maktoum International Airport.


How our post-COVID-19 behaviour will change the railway

pdf, 16.5MB

Covid-19 Survey Transport Sector

pdf, 23.8MB


How our post-COVID-19 behaviour will change the railway

pdf, 16.5MB

Covid-19 Survey Transport Sector

pdf, 23.8MB

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