Working in partnership with our clients we provide independent and objective advice across the security, aerospace and defence industries. Our expert teams offer support across all stages of the lifecycle, from concept through to disposal. We work to drive efficiencies and savings, while optimising safety, performance and delivery.

We act as an independent, objective advisor and trusted delivery partner to clients across the security, aerospace, defence industries.

Our clients rely on this mix of innovative technologies and deep expertise to keep them on the front foot while continuously optimizing efficiency.

In practice, this means we work on everything from helping governments specify and acquire the right military equipment and infrastructure, to developing robust solutions to combat the emerging threats faced by the national security sector, and delivering complex transformation programs of national significance.

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Aerospace and Defence Market Director

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National Security

As a leading supplier of client-side advisory services to the UK and US national security sectors, we’re trusted for our strong track record of delivering complex transformation programmes of national significance.

For decades, government departments, the military and infrastructure developers and operators have been calling on our consultants’ deep technical knowledge and diverse operational experience.

We offer a wide range of services in this area, from programme, portfolio and project management, to emergency management, hazard mitigation, cyber resilience, digital transformation and information assurance.

Emergency Management and Resiliency

Through proactive training and shedding light on programs that support resiliency, we help communities prepare for and recover from disasters.

We fully integrate planning, engineering, design and environmental services to offer innovative solutions to communities as they prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against disasters.

In the US, we have enjoyed working extensively with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to reduce the country’s risk to natural hazards. We have a dedicated team of emergency management professionals who focus entirely on providing disaster preparedness and recovery services as well as forward thinking mitigation and resiliency planning.

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Market leaders in the aerospace sector turn to us because we’ve been operating at the forefront of innovation for more than three decades. Rapid advances in technology and our understanding of materials has reduced aircraft manufacturing and operating costs while extending the life of our clients’ fleets.

Our in-depth understanding of the industry means we can seize opportunities created by big data, while maintaining the security of our clients’ operations. Our analysis and insight enables them to increase their speed to market and to maximize the time their aircrafts spend in the sky and generate value.

Our aerospace clients require constant forward momentum, which is why we continue to develop and invest in our capabilities. That includes applying for European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Design Organization Approval (EASA.21J.687P), which we expect to receive early in 2019.

Faster design

We harness the latest technology to help turn bold ideas into reality. This includes data visualisation, virtual and augmented reality, and additive manufacturing to drive efficiency while enabling faster and more informed decision making.

Reduced downtime

Tools, including our 3D damage assessment system Flo, are primed to get aircraft off the ground quickly. We’re renowned for our complex analysis capability and providing fast turnarounds on intricate engineering solutions.

Our cyber-resilience experts help ensure digital assets are secure in today’s uncertain world. By helping our clients to understand potential threats, we’re able to put appropriate protection in place together, ensuring operational continuity in the event of an incident.

Lower costs

Developing and harnessing a range of digital tools is integral to how we drive down costs and help clients transition from reactive to proactive business models. Through our network of global offices we provide the most cost-effective solutions, maintaining technical excellence through shared systems held to industry leading standards.


We’re dedicated to providing consistently high-quality aerospace engineering solutions, and are accredited to ISO9001, ISO2701, IT Tick, IT plus, AS9100 Rev C and Part 21J DOA pending.

flight hours

Aviation Services

Our aircraft

Medium Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Aircraft selection includes An-2, An-3, An-12, An-32, An-26, F-50, LET 410

Caters to short take-off and landing (STOL) demands

  • Range up to 3600km
  • Cargo capacity up to 18 tonnes and 90m3
  • Passenger capacity up to 58

Heavy Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Aircraft selection includes B-737 Combi, B-747F, An-124, An-225, IL-76

  • Range up to 5200km
  • Cargo capacity up to 210 tonnes and 1300m3
  • Passenger capacity up to 50

Rotary Wing

Aircraft selection includes MI-8T/P/MTV, Ka-32, Mi-26, Mi-17

  • Range up to 700km
  • Cargo capacity up to 20 tonnes and 126m3
  • Passenger capacity up to 82


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, helping governments specify and acquire the military equipment and infrastructure they need to best equip their armed forces and defend their national interest.

From concept and design to delivery and in-service support, we deliver the right outcomes, improving reliability and operational efficiency while reducing lifecycle costs. We do this through forging meaningful partnerships with our clients– enabling us to truly understand the breadth and complexity of the challenges they face.

We have a long, proud history in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East, serving Canada’s Department of National Defence, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and acting as one of the largest providers of engineering and technical services to the UK defence market). Working collaboratively with our customers we understand the breadth and complexity of the challenges they face, providing the right solution, in the right place, at the right time, to drive efficiencies and savings, while optimising safety, performance and delivery.

We recognize how important our current and former service personnel are and in the UK we have been a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant since 2014 and are a proud gold award holder of the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme. Find out more about our support of the Armed Forces here.

Through a combination of traditional engineering, new and innovative practices and techniques, technical expertise and programme management know how, we deliver long-lasting value to our clients.

We work with, not for, our customers. Transfer of knowledge is a central tenet of our approach.

Defence infrastructure and in-theatre support

When faced with border security and peacekeeping situations, governments and the armed forces count on us for timely, effective support.

From runways to naval facilities, we engineer all types of infrastructure for Defence clients, no matter where in the world it’s needed.

Our comprehensive logistics support offers successful solutions in remote locations, challenging geographies or at the end of the world’s most demanding supply chains.

Our teams are prepared for the complexities of military-preparedness operations, encompassing everything from damaged infrastructure to critical response times.

Our team has extensive experience in the field, having provided comprehensive logistics support to the Canadian Department of National Defence, the U.S. DoD and the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) on various domestic and international projects.

Following our success in supporting the Canadian military peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, Kabul and Kandahar for 10 years, we were awarded a 10-year contract to support their overseas deployments under the Canadian Forces Augmentation Program (CANCAP). We provide a range of logistics, communications and administrative support services to both the military and its troops.

In the UK we’ve worked with the MOD to specify and acquire the right military equipment and infrastructure, including helping them define and acquire the next generation of the Army’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)

In the U.S., we are a trusted provider of architectural-engineering, master planning, and program management services to the DoD, and one of the few experts in the U.S. in use of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers BUILDER?) sustainment management system.

Engineering delivery partnerships

Through engineering delivery partnerships, we are experienced in supporting our customers in achieving the engineering outcomes they want. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we offer the optimum mix of engineering, business consulting, change and broad sector experience, and are able to help maximise the value from engineering investments.

The Aurora Engineering Partnership has been appointed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) as their Engineering Delivery Partner for Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S).

The partnership – formed by QinetiQ, Atkins (a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group) and BMT – will help the MOD to reduce costs of their engineering services, while ensuring the UK’s Armed Forces receive the best equipment and support. With this partnership the MOD will get access to extensive experience in the defence sector, as well as experience of delivering similar partnerships in other sectors.

Aurora will help DE&S manage these costs, driving effective change and savings through financial discipline and transparent, simplified pricing.

Another key element of the engineering partnership will be driving innovation from across the industry and academia. As part of this, Aurora will build a provider network including niche and specialist small to medium sized enterprises (SME) to tap into the best UK expertise.

Companies wishing to express an interest in joining Aurora’s network of providers can do so here.

Our aim is to provide the right support, first time, safely and within budget. We’ll achieve this by focusing first and foremost on the outcomes for those on the front line, working collaboratively to drive increased performance and productivity wherever we can.

John McGlynn, Aurora Delivery Director, Atkins (part of the SNC-Lavalin Group)

Our expertise

We work with organizations throughout the lifecycle of a project, from advisory and conceptual design, to acquisition support, transformation and manufacture, through to certification and in-service support. Our permanent team of respected technical specialists and experienced business consultants offer a wide range of capabilities, including:

Management consultancy

Large organizations operating in complex and often highly-regulated environments require unparalleled expertise across the board. Our clients trust us for our expert advice, expert project management support and expert ability to lead them through change. Many are under increasing pressure to drive productivity, improve performance, and reduce costs – we help them to do just that, creating the structures, processes, technology and behaviours needed to turn their vision for a more streamlined operation into reality.

Digital transformation

It’s difficult for any organization to keep up with the current pace of technological change. Our support enables you to develop speed and agility, so you can navigate the complex digital environment and take advantage of rapid advances in technology.

Our team will work with you to develop transformation programmes and projects that enable you to take advantage of rapid advances in technology and deliver the greatest benefits to your organization.

We’ll enable you to successfully drive change, even in complex, regulated or secure environments, and achieve maximum value from your digital transformation programmes.

Business change

Our real-world experience empowers us to deliver change in practice, not just on paper. The proof is in the organizations and infrastructures – even entire cities – that we’ve been successfully shaping for over 100 years.

It’s not just about designing change – it’s about managing and communicating that change for maximum impact. Our team members consistently help our clients foster a positive culture within their organization, enabling all team members to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Our clients rely on us to meet challenging targets and deadlines while ensuring that the appropriate governance, controls, tools and processes are in place to maximize return on investments and value for money. Our expertly managed portfolio, programme and project offices also support structured and agile environments.

The world is ever more connected, and that brings new, complex security considerations. We engineer cyber resilience from strategy to reality, within our clients’ organizations, helping them stay protected in today’s connected world.

We’re a major supplier of cyber services to the defence and national security sectors, as well as providers of engineering and technical cyber vulnerability investigation services to the UK defence market. We work in partnership with organizations to provide independent and pragmatic risk management advice and support across all stages of a project lifecycle.

  • Cyber vulnerability investigations (CVIs)
  • Cyber maturity assessment
  • Risk assessment services
  • Vulnerability investigations
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Governance and policies
  • Resilient system architecture designs
  • Security management
  • Auditing and compliance reviews


Find out more about how we help organizations achieve cyber resilience.

Ensuring an airplane is engineered to operate flawlessly in every way, every flight. Navigating the complex journey of designing, building and optimizing a military facility. Our design and engineering teams draw on deep-seated expertise and experience to overcome the countless challenges faced by our clients.

Structural & mechanical design and analysis

We specialize in many types of services that aid structural and mechanical projects, including:

  • Lightweight metal structure design
  • Static stress analysis
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance
  • Crashworthiness modelling, analysis and certification

Systems engineering

Our end-to-end systems engineering services range from requirements capture through to deployment within multiple markets, including Defence.

  • Fuel systems
  • Landing gear systems
  • Avionics systems design and assurance

Facilities design and engineering

As providers of both civil and structural, multidisciplinary engineering capabilities, we are leaders in the complex building design associated with defence projects.

  • Project and design management
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Master planning
  • Asset management
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Building services engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Electrical control and instrumentation
  • Safety case development

Advanced materials - composites

We have extensive experience of working on composite-rich aircraft, including the A380, A350 and A400M, and have worked closely with the UK’s National Composites Centre. We take the experience we gained in the aerospace sector and apply it across multiple markets, including energy, rail and infrastructure.


Find out more about our design and engineering services

Knowledge is power, and ensuring that power remains in the right hands is fundamental to our clients’ ability to succeed.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the provision of all aspects of Information Assurance co-ordination, with a sound technical understanding of a wide range of security measures. We’re able to readily assess the suitability of these measures in a given solution and can help secure information against evolving threats. We work closely with our customers to understand how data is gathered, processed, stored and shared.

We’re also well versed in understanding cryptographic requirements and can therefore assist in product selection.

Rapid Assessment and Planning for Infrastructure Design (RAPID)

RAPID is a concept demonstration tool we created to illustrate how data can be captured, analysed and visualized to inform deployable infrastructure designs, user decision making, construction and management of camps and sites.

Employing a bird table touch table to bring the data to life, users are able to visually plan every element of their deployable infrastructure, including water towers, mess halls and force protection. The tool then provides an indication of the resulting welfare, defence, logistics, power and staff requirements for each asset and the overall efficiency of the design.

Once complete, our clients are able to explore the base in virtual reality (VR), enabling planners to visualize the site and optimize fully.

Data Visualisation as a Service (D-Vis)

Data means more when it has context, so we bring it to life within the 3D+ space of our clients’ products using D-Vis. We fuse real-time analytics and historical data mining, visualising the results within a spatial context to create rich, interactive information that offers immediate meaning – all in the service of empowering our clients to make better-informed decisions.

The result is a model of the asset, containing layers of data that can be interrogated quickly and easily to enable a step change in:

  • speed of production
  • root cause resolution
  • technical and commercial insight
  • enhanced decision making

Find out more about D-Vis

Our teams provide the following services to ensure the ongoing success of any project:

  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), major and minor changes, and repairs
  • Configuration management
  • Maintenance procedure clarification
  • Supplemental flight manual approval
  • Support to technical authorities


We’re focused on helping our customers deliver the best passenger experience by reducing potential delays, while improving passenger safety and optimising business operations through a real-time digital damage assessment solution.

Flo is a new digital, cloud and iPad-based solution designed to reduce damage assessment time by up to 90%. Using state of the art 3D scanning technology integrated into iPads, Flo allows users to quickly record damage and share the information globally to rapidly enable real-time assessment.

Find out more about Flo

Find out more about our operations and maintenance services

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

We pride ourselves on delivering services that enable clients to create a robust safety culture. We work with them to explore different scenarios that will help minimize risk with equipment, facilities and working environments.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Safety engineering
  • Supportability - we assess the reliability of these assets in the long term and set a policy or a strategy for maintaining them.
  • Training needs analysis
  • Human factors
  • Reliability and maintainability
  • Integrated logistic support
  • Reliability centred maintenance

Our procurement expertise saves our clients potential downstream costs and time. We assist in the early identification of risks in programmes and help address issues raised. We also provide technical engineering advice in design, development and manufacture.

Our experience includes working with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) to procure the next generation of armoured fighting vehicles for the British Armed Forces – a complex and technically challenging process that typifies the trust our clients place in us.

Technical Training Academy offers a portfolio of world-leading training courses delivered by our experts. We offer engaging and inspirational courses at all levels for a wide range of customers, aimed at developing the individual knowledge, skills and competencies they need to meet the challenges faced in safety-critical industries.

Our courses are designed and delivered using industry best practice, using modern facilities by our expert trainers; any of our courses can also be delivered as in-company courses and we’re always open to discussing bespoke courses to suit individual customer needs.

  • Safety & Environmental Management Training
    To confirm supervised practitioner level understanding of safety and environmental management in the maritime domain and thus enable compliance with the Regulatory requirements of DSA02

  • Maritime Environmental Management Training
    Delivering practical workshops and presentations to reinforce understanding of environmental concepts and techniques. This module is to support supervised practitioner level understanding and compliance with the Regulatory requirements of DSA02 (Specific Regulations).

  • Air Safety Management Training
    The course is developed in accordance with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Regulatory Publications and will provide practitioner level training of safety concepts, tools and techniques and air domain safety management policy.

  • The Development and Certification of Complex Software Intensive Avionics Systems
    Addresses the development, certification and operation of safe avionics systems. It provides managers and practitioners with an understanding of the tools, techniques, processes and legal requirements pertinent to the development of Avionics Systems, tailored to suit both civil and military aviation specialists.

  • Defence CIDA
    The Defence CIDA Installation Design Courses are provided by SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business in partnership with the UK MOD DAIS CIDA, held at RAF Henlow.
    Courses aim to provide an understanding of procedures and standards for ICT installations into MOD facilities or sites where MOD data is processed, as defined in JSP 604 Leaflet 4800.

To book a place on one of the above courses, please contact our Technical Training Academy team.

Telephone: +44 1454 662327



Security Automation Software

pdf, 3.3MB


Security Automation Software

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