With over 65 years’ experience for minerals and metallurgy, we understand the unique challenges our clients face – challenges that, like the world around us, are evolving at a rapid pace.

Smart solutions and extensive capabilities built on a long-term vision

By combining our global-calibre expertise with the capabilities and efficiency of local resources, we offer unrivalled services, technologies and solutions for projects of any size, scope and complexity.

Through conceptual studies, project execution, start-up and commissioning, operations and maintenance, we partner with our clients at every stage to ensure all objectives are met or surpassed. Our agile approach to project management combined with a focus on collaboration and technology is backed by an unwavering commitment to delivering value-added solutions. Whether it’s to complement existing operations or to get entirely new ones up and running, we deliver safely, on time and on budget.

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Cesar Inostroza

Senior Vice-President, Mines & Metallurgy

Montreal, Canada

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A customized approach at every step

We make it our priority to understand every phase of our clients’ projects. Maximizing impact at every step means offering excellence at every step:

  • Conceptual studies and trade-offs
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Cost estimating
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Project management and project control services
  • Digital and technological solutions implementation

We take our commitment to corporate responsibility seriously, and respect the highest standards in health, safety, security, and the environment – doing so ensures long-lasting benefits to both our clients and the communities in which we all work.

Most importantly, we work closely and openly with our clients from start to finish, because we believe a responsive and transparent approach is in the best interests of every stakeholder.

Complete in-house capabilities

Sulphur and Emissions Solutions

Our Sulphur and Emission specialists have extensive experience in providing clients with complete single-source end-to-end solutions for the sulphur industry, including greenfield, brownfield, expansion, and revamp projects.

We’re a global leader in the design of sulphur and sulphuric acid processing plants, and our complete in-house capabilities include:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy solutions
  • Front-end environmental consulting
  • Revamp works that optimize operating facilities

Our project experience runs deep, encompassing everything from engineering and procurement services for 60 MTPD acid plants right up to construction management services for a 15,150 MTPD sulphuric acid plant complex with power plant.

Our experienced team can provide customized support throughout all stages of the project lifecycle, across three major industries.

Sulphur Management Sulphur burning acid plants
Sulphur and sulphuric acid handling systems
Minerals & Metallurgy Sulphur burning acid plants
Metallurgical acid plants
Heat recovery system (HRS)
Effluent water treatment
Oil & Gas Elemental sulphur treatment
Sulphur recovery units
Sulphur forming and handling
Spent acid regeneration

Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

SNC-Lavalin is a leader in the study, design and construction of metal plants and projects. Our global team of experts provide a full range of operational, engineering and sustaining capital services for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including all base, precious and light metals, as well as iron- and steelmaking operations.

 With decades of experience and a solid reputation, we help clients with the design and modernization of extraction and recovery processes including solution purification, smelting, converting, refining, slag cleaning, and tailings and effluent solutions management. We also have experts in process evaluation to troubleshoot debottlenecking, technology screening, trade-off analyses and economic feasibility studies as well as due diligence.

Some of our past projects include building new smelters, replacing converting systems, upgrading and expanding greenfield and brownfield plants and plant processes around the world, as well as delivering more environmentally friendly emissions solutions.



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