Harnessing technology and leveraging expertise to enhance, rather than diminish, the natural and built world: we enable our clients to realize that their long-term goals and the planet’s future wellbeing really can go hand-in-hand.

Preserving natural and built environments is an investment that means as much for our clients’ businesses as it does the wider world. In every project we use our expertise and decades of experience to ensure we’re maximizing the benefits not only for our clients, but for the planet we all share.

Whether they’re protecting a wetland habitat, decommissioning a mine site, or stabilizing a railway slope, our in-house technical specialists are renowned in the industry and devoted to creating complete, customized solutions for any project our clients bring to us.

Together, we’re able to overcome sustainability challenges. Together, we set new standards of excellence. Together, our care and precision help to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Our expertise

Impact Assessment & Community Engagement Site Assessment & Remediation Air Quality, Acoustics, Vibration & Climate Change Physical & Chemical Hydrogeology Geoscience & Materials Surveying
Social and environmental impact assessment Site assessment & remediation Climate change Physical hydrogeology and hydrology Material engineering & testing Surveying & 3D scanning
Community engagement (indigenous and non-indigenous peoples) Regulatory compliance and audits Air quality, acoustics and vibration Pavement design & management
Wildlife, vegetation, fish and aquatic surveys Waste management Geotechnical engineering
Construction support and permitting

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Our Centre for Advanced Materials Testing and Research (CAMTAR). Have you ever stopped and considered the physical elements that make up a bridge, a nuclear reactor, or a mine? At this specialist site, we engineer the materials for the projects that shape our world.

Impact assessment & community engagement

Understanding how a project affects the environment and the communities who share it is crucial for success. That’s why we conduct assessments and facilitate community engagement for our clients.

Often, our clients’ success hinges in part on their ability to really understand how a project will affect the environment it exists in and the community who shares that environment.

We help by advising on the regulatory requirements and conduct environmental and social impact assessments. We also develop ways to mitigate any impact so the project can deliver benefit for all stakeholders.

From planning and feasibility studies through facility approvals and permitting, and all the way to construction environmental management—our internationally experienced impact assessment group have handled it. Whether our clients are responsible for major transportation infrastructure, operating potentially volatile oil and gas processing facilities or modernizing an antiquated industrial site our technical experts are specialists in all the major environmental areas: noise, air quality, ecology, landscape, and heritage.

It’s a common problem faced by many of our clients – how do you bridge the gap between project owners and the affected community? We help with exactly this, fostering opportunities for meaningful collaboration, boosting engagement and shaping socially-acceptable solutions.

The aim is to forge a consensus that works for everyone and, ultimately, allow the project to go-ahead. We engage with governments, industries, communities, and indigenous populations to make sure all voices are heard. We consider all stakeholder interests, incorporating them into our approach to managing the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of major projects – as well as our clients’ own business needs.

When conceiving projects that impact on crucial ecosystems, our clients rely on our in-the-field experience, extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, and in-depth understanding of the latest studies, literature and policies.

Put simply, our environmental experts ensure our project designers – and our clients – are always armed with the best possible information. This is crucial as early identification of ecological constraints often facilitates the permitting process, because appropriate mitigation or compensation is part of the design from day one.

We provide support to our clients whenever and wherever their construction work impacts the environment.

Often, that breaks down into four main areas:

  • Permits or approvals sought before construction starts
  • Preparing environmental management plans that guide environmental efforts during construction
  • Environmental monitoring during construction and according to the plan
  • Post-construction environmental monitoring to ensure environmental requirements have been met.

Our experience is global and extensive. We resolve issues quickly and pragmatically, keeping projects on track and fully compliant with environmental requirements.

Whether it’s for the benefit of specific client projects or the world at large, building a viable future means we must live within our environmental, economic, and social limits, and prepare for changing climate.

Preserving and protecting our environment is central to this, but our clients know first-hand how difficult this can be. We help them characterize, quantify, and manage their relationship with natural and regulatory environments.

Our team integrates sustainability considerations in policy, plan, and project development at the earliest possible stage. They provide strategic assessments and complementary services to identify and implement sustainability and climate change solutions for masterplans and projects. Our dedicated professionals have industry-leading experience and skill in sustainable development and energy efficient building practices. Their expertise covers several key services: green building consulting, LEED® (US & Canada), BREEAM (UK) project management, energy modelling simulations, energy audits, and building commissioning.

Site assessment & remediation

Our clients often have to negotiate lands that have been impaired by past industrial activity. We help with the assessment and rejuvenation of such areas, finding solutions that are not only environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, but technically and commercially viable as well.

In urban areas, brownfield remediation enables new, higher-value development and community growth for our clients. In more remote areas, our land reclamation efforts re-establish the natural environment and allow native plants and wildlife to flourish again.

Our projects and expertise run the full gamut, thanks to our dedicated engineers, scientists and advisors. We tackle our clients’ environmental challenges, from assessing contaminated lands to developing regulatory strategies. We design, construct and operate remediation systems, or use human health and risk assessment tools to create a viable environment for our clients’ development.

The Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) provides funding from the Government of Alberta directly to oil and gas service contractors in the form of a grant to complete wellsite, pipeline and/or facility abandonment and reclamation work.

SNC-Lavalin is an eligible contractor under SRP who can complete the following grant-funded environmental work:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Vegetation Management
  • Detailed Site Assessments

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For more information about the Site Rehabilitation Program, please contact:

Aaron Congdon
Ron Salomonson
Quentin Wright

As part of their sustainability initiatives, business adhere to environmental laws but successful business also considers the social and environmental well being of their operations. Our auditors are well versed in current and emerging environmental regulation - but we also understand the implications of meeting stakeholders expectations, to ensure our clients business meets environmental and social norms.

Our greenhouse gas management expertise allows our industrial stakeholders to track and reduce their emissions and compliance costs, while our auditors make the compliance process as straightforward as possible for our clients.

We help our clients minimize the amount of waste they produce and the impact that waste has on the environment. Such concerns may seem relatively new but we’ve been providing integrated waste management plans for public and private sector clients alike for decades.

These plans encompass all facets of sanitary landfill and resource recovery needs. Thanks to a strong and multidisciplinary technical base, we have the in-house capabilities to complete all aspects of solid waste projects: from waste characterization and rate studies to the design, permitting, and construction of solid waste management facilities.

Air quality, acoustics, vibration & climate change

Our work can play a huge role in tackling climate change and we’re proud of the direct impact we have on sustainable development.

Our clients are increasingly charged with reducing noise and improving air quality across their businesses. Our highly-qualified team includes engineers, meteorologists, toxicologists, and skilled technicians who enable them to do just that, creating solutions that reduce noise or improve air quality.

Perhaps they operate a gas plant or airport. Maybe they’re building a highway, skyscraper, or something else entirely. Whatever projects our clients are undertaking and whatever its size, our air quality and acoustics specialists are on hand every step of the way.

We collect data and develop balanced solutions to manage noise, vibrations, air emissions, odours, greenhouse gases, and other environmental risks. We help our clients work within their project to overcome challenges, setting new standards for excellence whenever and wherever possible. And, because no two projects are the same, we always consider design constraints, construction materials, and site-specific characteristics on a case-by-case basis.

Navigating an uncertain world is key to our clients’ long-term success and it’s in our shared best interests to ensure we tackle climate change head on – we see a collective need to predict, gauge, and mitigate the impacts of our generation and those to come.

Through our Research and Development program, we’re constantly looking ahead—creating cutting-edge methods and technologies that deliver meaningful, sustainable solutions.

Climate change presents an opportunity – however challenging - to focus closely on designing resilient infrastructure and to create robust adaptation plans for our clients. How will climate change affect my organization? When should I act? How much will it cost? These are the key questions that our experts address, offering strategic advice on policy and regulation, climate change risk assessment, adaptation measures, climate change resiliency and tools.

We also help governments and industrial stakeholders track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re already developing economically feasible, meaningful, and sustainable community plans.

Physical & chemical hydrogeology

Customers come to us when they need help preparing for the future. Our insights and expertise help safeguard against the unpredictable developments it may bring.

Water is one of the most unpredictable forces on the planet, and environmental changes around the world are only increasing the problems this unpredictability can cause. From mines to agricultural land to highways, the impact of rainfall runoff, flooding and other enhanced erosion can have a potentially devastating effect on our clients’ projects.

Our water consulting services are designed to protect our clients against all eventualities. We employ our expertise in hydrogeology, hydrology, hydraulics, and water management to implement modelling tools that can quickly assess a range of scenarios to support project decision making. In particular, our 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling supports projects built where water collects and flows: bridges, culverts, dykes, dams, spillways, and pipe networks, to name some.

Whatever our clients’ projects entail, we make sure water is appropriately managed to prevent damage to the land and infrastructure. Protecting riverbanks from erosion, watersheds from contamination, and communities from flooding is key, and we draw on diverse expertise to achieve this:

  • Hydrologic modelling
  • Groundwater studies
  • Groundwater sourcing
  • Contaminant migration studies
  • Fluid storage requirements
  • Environmental assessments
  • Failure and inundation studies for dyke and dam audits, including tailings dams

Geoscience & materials

From laboratory conditions to real-world applications, our geotechnical experts engineer solutions that stand the test of time. Durable, sustainable, cost-effective: our clients rely on us to be the best at what we do, so they can be the best at what they do.

We develop the materials that bring our clients’ projects to life and shape the world we live in. Our experts provide materials engineering, consultation, and quality control services in both public and private sectors.

Will it last? Does it meet compliance standards? Is this the most suitable for its intended use? These are the questions we ask when designing and testing myriad materials - from metals, soils and aggregates to cement, concrete, asphalt and more. Our clients trust our materials across infrastructure, mining, power, and many other developments. Specialized testing and analysis of new, living, and recycled and reused materials allows us to determine whether a material will last, meet compliance standards and be suitable for its intended use.

We’re developing new tools and techniques to better test accuracy and fault detection. Our goal is to find materials that are more durable, sustainable, cost-effective, and that enable faster fieldwork.

Centre for Advanced Materials Testing and Research (CAMTAR)

Our clients rely on us for the unparalleled skills, excellence, and commitment we bring to all aspects of geotechnical engineering – and we never rest on our laurels; we always look to the future.

That means a sizeable focus on training and research programs, testing facilities, and hubs for exploring new technology and data. We tailor our approach to each project so that we can find the right methods and solutions.

Thanks to our geotechnical experts, our clients deliver excellent projects to many diverse communities and ecosystems. Our industry-leading geotechnical team models, assesses risk, tests materials, investigates, and surveys until projects deliver what they need to.

From foundation designs, flood protection, dyke and dam designs, and waste containment technologies, to our work in tunneling, renewable energy, nuclear power, mine and oil sands tailings management, and stability investigations: we engineer solutions that stand the test of time.

For the governments, ports, airports and private businesses that make up our pavement management clients, keeping road networks safe and operational for the communities that rely on them is essential.

We work with the most creative equipment on the market, from multifunction vehicles to high-capacity falling weight deflectometers engineered to assess pavement structure. These tools allow us to design rehabilitation techniques with the highest return on investment for municipal roads, highways, and heavily loaded pavements like ports and airports.

We also have substantial experience in public-private partnerships (P3s), where we monitor the performance and behaviour of our pavement designs. By developing solutions that are creative, cost-effective and sustainable, we enable our clients to win and deliver successful P3 projects.


We strive for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the field – it’s the minimum that our clients demand and expect from us. We deliver thanks to our experienced professionals and their ability to gather precise data, equipped with the latest software, technologies and tools.

Scanners with long-range coaxial cameras, drones, unmanned boats with multi-beam sonar - these are some of the most interesting and impactful tools that we use to go above and beyond our clients’ surveying needs.

But whether a project demands the latest and greatest equipment or a mix of more traditional surveyor methods and advanced 3D scanning devices, our experience with high-definition surveying techniques and high-tech software and equipment allows safe and rapid collection of meticulous data. Our surveys and scans give engineers, partners, and customers the detailed information necessary to understand site conditions better.

Our multidisciplinary team supports projects in all engineering fields, from highways, bridges, buildings and mines to hydroelectric developments and oil and gas facilities. We offer topographic, precision, and settlement surveys, as well as bathymetrics, construction quality control, cut-and-fill surveys and calculations, as-built drawings, and 3-D scanning and modelling. Our expertise makes complex projects feasible and cost-effective.

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Greenhouse Gas Removal Full Report 2020

pdf, 4.1MB

Greenhouse Gas Removal Report Summary 2020

pdf, 740KB


Greenhouse Gas Removal Full Report 2020

pdf, 4.1MB

Greenhouse Gas Removal Report Summary 2020

pdf, 740KB

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