Our clients in the oil and gas industry need to deliver projects that ensure long-term, sustainable success in a fast-changing world with fast-changing needs. We enable them to do just that by drawing on 100+ years of experience and pioneering present-day expertise and technology, forging lasting, beneficial relationship that deliver long-term value for their organisations.

Our clients depend on us to deliver top-tier efficiency, creativity and execution for the full lifecycle of their assets across upstream, midstream and downstream, through a flexible, solutions-focused approach.

Key acquisitions in recent years have made us a truly global player in oil and gas. From the 2014 acquisitions of Kentz and Valerus to the 2017 acquisitions of Atkins, Houston Offshore Engineering and Faithful + Gould, we are now in a position to offer end-to-end partnerships with proven capabilities.

Our clients conceive of complex projects in some of the toughest environments on Earth – they partner with us to ensure that the end results are a success for all stakeholders. We provide integrated, bespoke solutions at every stage of the project’s journey. Regardless of size or location, we offer full EPC(M) or customized solutions. We even go beyond the EPC scope thanks to our unique ability to commission, maintain, and enhance your assets.

Each of our oil and gas clients benefits from our agile, flexible workforce with local knowledge and presence all over the world. Every undertaking is tailored to the individual client’s needs, ensuring safe cost and schedule certainty safely wherever in the world the project is realized.

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We propose creative, commercial and technical solutions to best advance our clients’ progress projects into concept and FEED phases. We’re aware that key decisions are made in the early phases of all projects – decisions that can have a crucial impact on overall project success and value delivery through the complete asset lifecycle. We draw on our unrivalled expertise to ensure that these decisions are made correctly.

From concept and feasibility through to detailed design, our engineers and designers provide our clients with creative, digitally-driven solutions.

Using our multi-discipline, full project lifecycle expertise, our engineering teams have a track record in optimizing designs for constructability at the detailed design phase. This allows us to identify and address potential construction safety issues, ensuring the engineering design drives the safest possible execution strategy.

The complexities of global supply are constantly changing in line with our changing world – we meet these challenges head on, ensuring our clients’ projects are able to prosper every step of the way.

With procurement professionals located in permanent offices across 30 countries, we’re able to manage more than CAD$6.5 billion of our clients’ capital commitments for goods and services per year. We achieve this through our proven Integrated Materials management approach.

We’re renowned amongst our clients around the world for our proven ability to provide multi-disciplinary construction and technical field services. With a particular focus on the most technically challenging areas of construction - structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping (SMEIP) services - we add significant value to our clients’ final assets.

We specialize in the provision of commissioning and start-up services in conjunction with, or independent of, project construction activities. With in-house tools such as SMART we can guarantee the complete and accurate transition between all phases of a project.

We provide fit for purpose solutions for maintenance and turnaround execution services. By focusing on continuous productivity improvement and client collaboration, we’re able to improve efficiency of existing operations, increase production and reduce costs.

As assets and facilities reach the end of their productive lives, our clients trust us to prepare them for shutdown in a manner that is not only cost-effective but safe and environmentally responsible as well.

Our full range of decommissioning services are built on an approach that puts safety, quality and on-time delivery to the fore, regardless of the complexities involved in any particular project. Our diversified expertise, as well as extensive, worldwide experience in design and implementation of decommissioning plans makes us uniquely able to deliver on these fronts.

Engineered solutions through applied technology

We are at the forefront of technology, applying the right tools and innovative approaches to create long-term value and drive operational excellence for clients in oil and gas.

Our approach to digitalization is pragmatic and easy to implement. We leverage the latest tools and technologies to help our clients transform digitally and add value across their asset’s lifecycle. From our software engineers to our data scientists, we connect people, technology and data to deliver solutions that mean our clients are always one step ahead.

Our solutions include:

  • Visualization
  • Data integration
  • Digital twin
  • Asset management
  • Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Immersive training

  • Learn more about our digital capabilities and solutions.

    Founded on converged networks, our single source solutions meet all telecom needs, providing a range of real-time, targeted results that drive process improvements and increase productivity.

    We specialize in the integration of many different telecoms systems from multiple vendors into one unified, fit-for-purpose whole. At the same time, we help our clients manage all regulatory, technical, scheduling and ongoing interface requirements; ensuring users are trained and able to operate the solutions with maximum efficiency.

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    We place safety at the heart of everything we do

    In 2018 Oil & Gas Achieved 55MM Hours with a 0.08 TRIF

    Like our clients, we understand that workplace safety and productivity go hand in hand. Our goal is to raise the bar when it comes to safety expectations and we’re recognized globally for our world class safety results. We ensure the safety of everyone we work with and are striving to achieve an incident and injury-free workplace.

    We understand that we’re only as good as our results in this respect, and are proud to have recorded 189 ‘perfect’ working days in 2017 without a single safety, security or environmental incident. A perfect day is a day without a single safety, security or environmental incident.

    Perfect days are a challenging proposition due to the sheer number of diverse, complex projects we work across - no two projects are the same. Furthermore, the culture and practices of our clients vary, which is why we develop and implement meticulously-tailored, project-specific programs across all our undertakings. We create these programs and enhance them based on lessons we’ve learned from over 700 projects across 50 countries.

    We support communities and champion sustainable projects

    Like safety, we take great pride in the preservation of the environment and the communities we work in. By applying creative designs to reduce environmental impact, we support our clients in ensuring the sustainable, long-term successes of their projects. We develop local talent through knowledge transfer in the countries we operate in, such as USUS, and creating high performance workforces that maximize sustainable local employment opportunities.

    Offshore solutions

    From enhancing recovery in existing fields to exploiting new fields in difficult environments and uncertain environments, we have the expertise, intellect and drive to craft solutions that empower our clients in the offshore industry to overcome the challenges unique to their projects and realize the potential of their fields.

    We offer a wide range of services to our clients in the offshore industry, from independent advisory and consulting, to design and specialist engineering, EPC, fabrication, completions & commissioning, O&M, and project development.

    Our expertise is built on experience and our approach is driven by innovative thinking ensuring that the solutions we deliver maximize a project’s potential.

    We help our clients maximize production, minimize downtime and improve safety and performance

    We do this through unparalleled process and operations support that overcomes the challenges that can be presented by ageing infrastructure, changing reservoir performance and challenging fluids. Our work in this area encompasses some of the world’s most interesting and complex oil and gas projects across the UK and Europe, the North Sea, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

    Our expertise

    We provide our clients with expertise in process and facilities engineering, subsea and flow assurance, independent structural analysis and verification, safety, reliability and human factors, fluid mechanics and CFD, hydrodynamics, and many other areas of technical performance. Our teams include specialists in mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, structural, naval architecture, marine, geotechnical, safety, reliability and environmental engineering.

    We have experience in troubleshooting and debottlenecking process plants and creating solutions. We review and investigate with all unit operations and overall systems installed offshore. Wherever possible, we focus on delivering a solution that does not require physical plant intervention for modification. Where such modifications are required, we attempt to minimize the extent wherever possible.

    Where required, we second engineers to client offices so as to support day-to-day operations. Clients also draw on our offshore-based support and study teams based in our own offices.

    The latest technologies play a pivotal role in the way we develop cutting-edge in-house software tools to compliment the industry-standard tools we also use. This allows us to optimize design and operations – often setting new benchmarks for the industry in the process.

    Our capabilities:

    • Advanced analysis:?in structural and mechanical, static and dynamic analysis
    • Dedicated focal point
    • Assurance
    • Permit to work control and assurance of safe working practices
    • Streamlined work sequence
    • Involvement in diving contractor and third-party vendor work scope development

    Our cross-disciplinary skills enable our clients to overcome the challenges inherent to subsea developments

    Whether our clients present us with marginal, long distance HPHT or deep-water developments, we’re able to deliver success based on our experience in core areas of ?ow assurance, pipeline engineering, subsea engineering and project execution.

    We harness the latest relevant technologies to elevate the value of all projects. In fact we develop many technologies of our own, such as plastic lining for hydrocarbon service, cold ?ow and wax tolerant high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS). We lead the SAFEBUCK joint-industry project, developing design guidelines that enable engineers to create pipelines that buckle in the most controlled way possible.

    Encompassing the full lifecycle of subsea facilities

    From early field development, to project delivery and assurance, to operations and decommissioning: we support clients at every step of their project’s journey. Our class-leading subsea skills include flow assurance, pipeline and subsea engineering, materials and corrosion engineering, integrity management, and risk and reliability.

    Unparalleled experience in concept and design

    We’ve delivered offshore engineering projects in challenging marine environments for over fifty years – we draw on this experience to deliver cost-effective solutions for the offshore wind industry.

    Whether its lessons learned in foundation technology or our abilities to install and maintain assets at sea, our world-renowned expertise enables us to develop a standardized design approach for reducing the costs of offshore wind. We’ve worked on major offshore wind projects off the UK coast, in northern Europe, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Hawaii, and the USA.

    Our expertise

    Our expertise covers all aspects of engineering and construction throughout the lifecycle of an offshore wind project. Our portfolio includes projects throughout the world, making us a dominant provider for clients in the global wind industry.

    Our project, commercial and design services are supported by world class skills in structural, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, naval architecture, marine, geotechnical, safety, reliability and environmental engineering. Meanwhile our cross-disciplinary experts and specialists are helping our clients evolve to renewable energy technologies in ways that make their projects more sustainable and therefore ultimately more successful.

    We have some of the most technically skilled individuals in the engineering sector, working across areas such as fatigue assessment, finite element analysis, dynamic analysis, computational ?uid dynamics and hydrodynamics.

    Our competencies

    • Project development support
    • Offshore wind farm engineering
    • Specialist engineering services
    • Geotechnical and geophysical engineering expertise
    • Submarine cable design including array cable design
    • Transmission planning and point of interconnection design
    • Environmental studies and permitting (local, state, federal)

    Making an impact at the earliest opportunity

    For any project, the best time to make a significant impact on cost and scheduling is early in the conceptual phase. Listening to and exploring options with our clients, means we add value by identifying critical issues at the concept stage for optimizing overall project economic.

    Drawing on global engineering expertise to assess and select field development

    We draw on our global engineering expertise and track-record of delivery at the options screening and conceptual design phases. We s assess and select development options for fields all over the world.

    Covering both greenfield and brownfield, we engineer options for infrastructure and production facilities development to a level that ensures feasibility and reliable cost estimates for the full project lifecycle. We support the appraise/select process, providing business case and investment strategy support to our clients’ decision-making processes.

    Our key skills

    • Process and facilities engineering
    • Subsea and flow assurance
    • Independent structural analysis and verification
    • Safety, reliability and human factors
    • Fluid mechanics and CFD
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Many other areas of technical performance

    Delivering successful solutions in bespoke form

    No two clients are the same; no two projects are the same. That’ why each of our solutions is individually-tailored to the individual needs of each undertaking – it’s how we guarantee the type of success our clients know only we can deliver. We’re concept neutral, which means we don’t favour a particular type of structure, process or approach.

    We don’t shy away from the technically or creatively challenging elements of a project… in fact we thrive on them because that’s where we can add real value for our clients. We’re always looking to perfect new techniques and approaches, identifying future trends and client needs to find the opportunities that allow us to make the seemingly impossible possible.

    Implementing innovation across the asset lifecycle

    The partnership we forged between Houston Offshore Engineering (HOE) and Atkins brought together HOE’s world class skills in deep-water offshore floating platforms and Atkins’ international expertise in offshore asset integrity and production optimization. By combining our engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction capabilities, we’ve brought to life an industry powerhouse driven by creativity and expertise in equal measure.

    Our capabilities

    We’re recognized in the industry for our expertise in naval architecture, marine systems, structural engineering, facilities layout, risers, mechanical engineering, electrical & instrumentation and safety engineering.

    The core of our capabilities lies in the detailed execution of:

    • FPSO’s
    • Semisubmersibles
    • TLPs
    • Spars
    • Paired-column semisubmersible
    • Other specialized designs such as Flat Plate 40 (FP-40) Spar and DDPSO (Deep Draught Production, Storage and Offloading)

    Onshore solutions

    Our fully integrated, end-to-end onshore solutions bring maximum positive impact and optimum efficiency to our clients’ projects

    Supported by our capital investment and advisory division, we provide commercial expertise for CAPEX and OPEX estimates, risk analysis and contract management. From feasibility, through to FEED, EPC/M including commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning, we deliver results across the full lifecycle of an asset.

    From 25 to 50,000 HP and beyond: we offer fast-track natural gas compression packages

    Gas producers face complex delivery logistics and seasonal variations in pricing, as well as safety and environmental regulations. For other clients that we partner with, gas can appear as a by-product that can aid hydrocarbon extraction or even be captured and profitably sold.

    400,000 SQ FT. Manufacturing Facility

    Our compression solutions are helping our clients rise to some of the world's toughest challenges across a range of applications, including compressed natural gas, gas gathering, gas lift, gas storage, injection (air or gas), pipeline booster stations and vapor recovery. We design, deploy and maintain equipment ranging from 25 HP compressor packages to 50,000 HP compression facilities and beyond.

    Our offerings range from 25HP Compressor packages to 50,000 HP Compression facilities & beyond.

    Unique facilities, outstanding performance

    We manufacture our equipment using ISO 9001 and 14001 certified compression fabrication facility - our expert technicians ensure it continues to operate in peak condition. We’re also the world's largest provider of Waukesha engines, which are coveted by clients across the industry for their cost-effective performance in high ambient regions and rich gas environments.


    1. Wellhead compression
    2. Gas gathering
    3. Gas lift
    4. Gas storage
    5. Injection (air or gas)
    6. Pipeline booster stations

    40 Compressor stations and counting

    Gas processing, gas treating, condensate treating and NGL recovery solutions

    The natural gas industry has grown considerably in the last decade, bringing both new challenges and the technological advancements necessary to overcome them. However, the right solutions require more than just specialized equipment — it calls for expert process engineering knowledge and proven, regionally-specific experience. That’s where we come in. Our wide-ranging capabilities and strong track record mean we’re uniquely positioned to together to solve the toughest problems faced by our clients today and in the future.

    Our experience encompasses everything from rapidly deployed equipment supply to modularized plants for small to large-scale facilities – and we deliver success wherever in the world our clients need us to.

    From wellhead to final destination: our key capabilities

    Our custom process engineering capabilities and process hazard analysis methods ensure that our clients’ facilities not only meet the demanding product specifications, but also start smoothly and operate safely. We also have wide-ranging capabilities for improving the performance of existing facilities, through debottlenecking and expansion studies. This leads to retrofitting of new process units and revamping of under-performing equipment, all supported by state-of-the-art systems, including 3D scanning and virtual walkthroughs. Our key capabilities include:

    • Well pad solutions
    • Gathering systems
    • Condensate processing
    • Pipelines and storage
    • CO2 and sour (H2S) gas/liquids treating
    • Sulphur removal and recovery
    • Sweet and sour gas field development
    • Gas dewpoint
    • LPG/NGL recovery and fractionation
    • Cryogenics, deep cut ethane rejection and recovery
    • Compressor stations
    • Metering stations
    • Pump stations
    • Truck/barge/rail loading terminals
    • Storage facilities and tank farms

    Modular design: saving time, saving capital, lowering risk

    Our pre-engineered, modularized solutions for plants up to 200 MMscf/d enable our clients to meet their ambitious growth curves. They save time, reduce the need for capital outlay and reduce risk, while increasing the overall Net Present Value for the client. Through the fabrication and installation of skid-mounted equipment in a controlled workshop environment, we’re able to boost productivity, carry out more predictable pre-commissioning, control hazard conditions and reduce on-site time. The result is significant improvements in safety, construction costs, simple installation and overall schedule savings.

    Over 8,000 Production Equipment Packages

    Challenge Solution Applications
    Cryogenic gas plants Efficient ethane and propane recovery from produced gas Modular, skid-mounted equipment to compress delivery time, simplify installation in the field and higher NGL recovery rates
    • 60 MMscf/d
    • 120 MMscf/d
    • 200 MMscf/d
    • custom designs up to 600 MMscf/d
    Gas gathering systems Cost-effective gas gathering compression, pumping and pipelines Design, construction and installation equipment to move natural gas to a processing facility, storage or main pipeline
    • Compression
    • Pumping stations
    • Pipelines
    Gas production Reduce downtime between well completion and production Rapidly deployable inventory and basin-specific, pre-engineered solutions for well pads and central facilities
    • Crude and condensate treating and stabilization
    • Heating and cooling
    • Dehydration and filtration
    • Gas dewpointing
    • Gas sweetening
    • Separation
    Gas processing Cost-effective removal of impurities and retention of valuable hydrocarbon by-products in solution Complete modular or stick-built gas processing facility design and installation solutions based on product composition
    • Amine treating plants
    • Mechanical refrigeration plants
    • JT and refrigerated JT plants
    • Natural gas liquids fractionation
    • Condensate handling
    47 Gas Processing Plants worldwide with over 1 million operating hours

    Efficient and creative solutions for both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG)

    When it comes to developing LNG and FLNG projects, our clients often find themselves operating in some of the world’s most demanding, remote locations. Across Asia Pacific, Middle East and the Americas, in environments ranging from -40°C to 40°C degrees, we play a key role in executing some of the industry’s most successful projects.

    Creative thinking and comprehensive engineering capabilities across a wide range of specialities enable us to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. The partnerships we form are long-lasting, and we apply our expertise throughout the entirety of the delivery stage and all the way into operations.

    Capabilities tailored to every individual project

    Our flexible approach to each project means that our clients know their uniquely specific objectives will be met by meticulously tailored solutions. Skilled and experienced in all aspects of engineering and construction for the global LNG sector, our capabilities include:

    • Marine infrastructure
    • Liquefaction plant build
    • Re-gasification and receiving terminals
    • Pipelines
    • Utilities and off-sites
    • Telecommunications
    Supported Delivery of 8/10 Australian Projects

    Carbon capture solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    Engineering plays a crucial role in assessing and managing climate change initiatives, which is why we've aligned the expertise of our Oil & Gas, Power and Environment business sectors to develop clean technology solutions. Through this approach, we’re able to reduce our clients’ carbon emissions by focusing on pre- and post-combustion capture, compression, transportation and system design to reduce carbon emissions.

    We understand complex processes and installations, including those associated with power plants, chemical plants and refineries. Our track record includes working with SaskPower to engineer and construct one of the world's first and largest integrated CCUS demonstration projects at the Boundary Dam Power Station in Canada.

    Our services

    We collaborate with a range of technology and process licensors, empowering our clients with unique benefits found at the forefront of today’s technological advances. Our services include:

    • Conceptual and feasibility studies to define opportunities and roadblocks in CCUS
    • Strategies for CCUS and carbon reduction footprint
    • Evaluation of emerging clean technologies
    • Provision of CAPEX and OPEX estimates for CCUS equipment and plants based on our “as-built” experience
    • Full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC/EPCM) services
    • Operator training programs

    Experts in production and processing, enhanced oil recovery and mineral energy

    For more than 35 years, our clients have been drawing on our unrivalled expertise and experience in heavy oil. Our teams have partnered with clients on some of the world’s most significant, game-changing heavy oil projects ever brought to fruition. Every challenge we’ve overcome along this journey feeds into our ability to succeed in every new project that clients send our way.

    While most of our experience is in Northern Alberta and Venezuela, we pride ourselves on the transferrable skills that allow us to bring clear advantages to projects worldwide.

    Our wide-ranging services

    We have a track record across a wide range of heavy oil services. Whatever expertise our clients choose to engage, we deliver solutions that are not only to the highest standards, but also save time and costs. Our services include:

    • Conventional oil and gas production and processing facilities
    • In-situ oil facilities using Steam Assisted Gravity drainage (SAGD)
    • Central processing plants
    • Oil separation
    • Field facilities, including well pads
    • Oil treatment
    • Steam and production pipelines
    • Upgrading and refining
    • Carbon capture and sequestration
    • Utilities and offsite
    • Modularization
    • Template/repeatable designs
      • Sustaining capital
      • Debottleneck projects
      • Revamps and upgrades
      • Expansion projects
      • Long term sustaining capital projects

    Certainty and success across all refining and petrochemicals projects

    We help our clients create and operate refining and petrochemicals facilities, transforming oil and gas into the everyday products that their customers rely on all over the world. We deliver full EPC/EPCM services worldwide, specializing in process plants, materials handling and infrastructure.

    Partnership, performance and safety

    We provide ourselves on an approach that places partnership, performance and safety. It’s an approach that results in maximum value for all stakeholders and our track record speaks for itself - a significant percentage of our work is repeat business from satisfied customers.

    We're experienced in a wide range of downstream projects, from small process unit revamps to large grass-roots facilities. Our 'technology neutral' approach means we not only have access to all available technologies, but also know exactly how to harness their power within the most effective solutions.

    A new benchmark for refining capabilities

    We're helping the industry meet the challenges of climate change and regulation – it’s the best way to ensure long-term, sustainable success for our clients and the wider world. As such, we’re involved in clean fuels initiatives, such as low sulphur gasoline and ultra-low sulphur diesel projects. We consider these impacts across the full range of our capabilities, which include:

    • Crude and vacuum distillation
    • Gas recovery/LPG production
    • Catalytic reforming
    • Catalytic cracking
    • Hydrocracking
    • Hydrotreating
    • Hydrogen unit / steam reforming
    • Utilities and offsites

    A definitive offering of petrochemicals capabilities

    We're experienced in a wide range of petrochemical process technologies. From pilot operations to commercial plants, we've delivered successful projects worldwide, encompassing:

    • Ethylene and polyethylene
    • Propylene and polypropylene
    • Methanol and ammonia
    • Aromatics
    • Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB)
    • Olefins
    • Carbon black
    • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)
    • Polytrimethylene Teraphtalate (PTT)
    • Synthesis gas production & conversion

    Integrated flexible solutions across non-process infrastructure, pipelines, telecommunications and digital

    We understand first-hand just how complex our clients’ utility and infrastructure projects can be – it’s an understanding built on decades delivering high-value solutions across some of the world’s most difficult and challenging environments. The successes we share with our clients stem from the global and local knowledge that informs our multi-disciplined, fully-integrated services.

    That unparalleled level of integration is also built on our established network of in-house engineering, procurement and fabrication resources. Beyond their technical expertise, our people also understand the political and regulatory issues of the communities we work in, and how to best deliver results that benefit all stakeholders. Our international procurement offices identify qualified suppliers and inspect their products and materials to ensure prompt delivery of products to the project site.

    Utilities and infrastructure projects often require a diverse range of disciplines to come into play and combine together seamlessly. Our engineering and design services are leaders in process, civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, control systems, HVAC and telecommunications.

    Non-Process infrastructure and utilities: full EPC delivery of greenfield and brownfield accommodation camps, site facilities and utilities

    Non-process infrastructure projects are logistics-driven, with challenging schedules and intermediate requirements to meet early and phased occupancy. We understand how important mobilization is and provide a single source solution from design to delivery of turnkey villages. This includes accommodation, recreational and sporting facilities, utilities and infrastructure, such as temporary site facilities: offices, warehousing, lay-down areas, fabrication shops and more. We support projects large and small with full EPC/EPCM or customized solutions that encompass consulting, advisory and studies.

    We offer single source solutions for:

    • Land lease agreements
    • Geotechnical and topographical surveys, together with soil improvement
    • Camp accommodation, utilities & common facilities
    • Temporary site facility office and utilities

    Pipelines and storage: moving and storing oil and gas efficiently and reliably, regardless of terrain or location

    Cutting-edge technologies enhance the ability to safely deliver all phases of gas and liquid pipeline systems, from studies and engineering through to delivery and project management.

    We have proven expertise in:

    • Transmission pipelines
    • Compressor stations
    • Liquid pipeline facilities
    • Terminal storage, tank farms and metering
    • Pressure regulating and custody transfer metering stations
    • Hydro-transport and slurry pipelines
    • Gathering and distribution systems

    Our piping designs are supported by the use of the latest technology, including:

    • 3D-Modeling
    • Additional piping design software
    • Stress analysis

    Digital and telecommunications: real-time, targeted solutions to drive process improvements and increase productivity

    Keeping pace with the changing world of digitalization is essential for delivering success to our clients. Our mastery of telecommunications and electronic capabilities ensures exactly this: from network design and system architecture to integration of technological platforms and advanced technologies.

    Founded on converged networks, we offer a single-source solution for all of our clients’ telecommunication and digital needs, providing a range of real-time, targeted solutions to drive process improvements and increase productivity.

    We’re one of just a few EPC contractors engaged with industry partners to bridge the gap between the needs of key LNG operators and the services offered by leading technology providers. Our focus spans:

    • Telecommunications & ICT systems
    • Smart systems & ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ (IOT)
    • Security / critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
    • Outside plant design

    We hold world-class, industry-relevant certifications:

    1. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
    2. Juniper Network Certified Internet Experts (JNCIE)
    3. HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE)
    4. ISC2


    Leading the Digital Utility Transformation

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    Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) & Cybersecurity for...

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    Offshore - Oil & Gas

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    Power Delivery (USA)

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    Technical Journal: Volume 2, Issue 1

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    Technical Journal: Volume 1, Issue 2

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    Technical Journal: Volume 1, Issue 1

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    Operations and Maintenance

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    Midstream Solutions

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    Leading the Digital Utility Transformation

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    Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) & Cybersecurity for...

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    Offshore - Oil & Gas

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