Clean, low-carbon nuclear power has long had the potential to break our reliance on less sustainable alternatives – as trusted partners, we help our clients fulfil that potential with reliable, sustainable and affordable solutions.

Like our clients, we understand that for nuclear power to work at all, it has to work for all, and we provide unparalleled support throughout the entirety of the nuclear lifecycle, ensuring that communities get to safely experience the benefits of nuclear power for generations.

That means being there for our clients no matter where in the journey their facility is and no matter how complex the challenges they face are. We offer end-to-end project solutions and support, from concept, design and technology development to new-build programs, and from asset management through to end of life and waste management options.

Our clients get to draw on the combined expertise of over 3,000 highly-skilled experts across our business, each one passionate about the mission they’ve been handed: to supporting a more sustainable world through low-carbon nuclear energy.

As such, collaboration plays a key role in the development of our products and solutions. We integrate advanced digital technologies - including state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering (CAE) at the design and analysis stages - to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of our work. These cutting-edge tools also help our clients manage their day-to-day activities and operations long after the build is complete.

To enable this, we can send specially-tailored teams to our clients’ sites, tasked not only with maximizing operating results but also extending the life of the facilities.

Once a client’s nuclear asset does reach the end of its lifecycle, we’re on hand with a range of services for decommissioning and remediation: from site management and management of spent nuclear fuel, to transportation of nuclear material and environmental clean-up of legacy sites.

As the steward of CANDU® technology, we’ve developed and licensed Nuclear technology for over 60 years. With our knowledge of global policy and regulatory frameworks across the four CANDU continents, we’ve expanded to new geographies across a wide range of reactor technologies including SMRs, BWRs, AGRs and PWRs.

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A partnership that spans the entire nuclear lifecycle

Our end-to-end services extend across the full life-cycle of your nuclear asset, from design and delivery through its operating life, and final decommissioning.

Working with you across the full nuclear life cycle

Local expertise on a global scale

Our global experts work locally to overcome the most complex challenges, wherever in the world our clients need us.

Over decades spent delivering successful nuclear projects, we’ve cultivated one of the largest teams of its kind. We’re more than just participants in the industry – we have the people, vision, experience and technologies to lead it. Driving this forward are the over 3,000 highly-skilled experts covering every facet of the nuclear industry.

The depth and breadth of our capabilities allow us to provide tailored solutions of any scale to our clients, across the globe and throughout the project lifecycle.

Our experts solve your most technically complex challenges across the full nuclear fuel cycle globally

CANDU: a tradition of cutting-edge technological excellence

As the stewards of CANDU nuclear reactor technology, we provide affordable, low-carbon power to millions of people across four continents.

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average lifetime capacity factor for international Candu fleet
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We use our strengths as a nuclear reactor developer to collaborate with small modular reactor (SMR) vendors. We help them develop their reactor designs to a level where they are market-ready.

We’re also part of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) fusion project, collaborating with companies from 35 countries to build the world's largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor in southern France. The project’s aim is to deliver nuclear fusion on a commercial scale, offering safe, limitless and environmentally responsible energy.

With over 100 years of experience in major engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM), our clients trust us to deliver projects of any scale or complexity. We’ve delivered new-build nuclear reactors around the world and both engineer and deliver solutions for power generation, life extension, waste management and nuclear fuel supply.

We’re currently leading Canada’s two largest clean energy infrastructure projects: the Darlington Retube & Feeder Replacement project for Ontario Power Generation; the Bruce Major Component Replacement project for Bruce Power.

Hinkley Point C – the UK’s largest current infrastructure project – is another project that we’re playing a key role in delivering. Our scope includes a range of engineering and technical services for a plant that will help provide 7% of the UK’s electricity, while also playing an important role in moving the country towards the low-carbon future they need.

Our team’s breadth and depth in the nuclear industry is unmatched. We’re experts in many reactor technologies and use our unique approach to deliver solutions to our clients that encompass a range of different technologies.

We provide engineering and project management at all stages of the asset lifecycle; from new-build to decommissioning. We’re also a trusted vendor for government services, with much of our work for clients in this area focusing on design, substantiation or safety justification of plant components, facilities, systems and structures.

As the steward of CANDU technology, we’re an industry leader in heavy water reactors, and also have important experience in PWR, AGR and BWR. In the UK, we’re a strategic partner to EDF Energy, supplying them with important engineering, safety and environmental services to maintain their existing fleet of AGRs and PWR. We’re also part of the Strategic Supply Chain Partnership for their Nuclear Generation business.

Our commitment to truly innovative solutions that can solve complex challenges has been keeping our clients at the forefront of their industry for decades – it’s a commitment exemplified by our Products and Services team. With hundreds of patents to our name, and two operating mockup and test facilities, product development is in our DNA. We have ongoing technology partnerships with universities in the US and UK, and regularly develop opportunities with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

From simulations and 3D scanning, to new technologies for reactor components such as pump seals, hydrogen recombiners and waste storage, through to management and treatment, we cover everything from design to operations, continually developing new solutions which bring value to our customers.

We have a long history of working with the US Federal government to safely and economically clean up nuclear facilities and radiologically contaminated sites. With decades of experience developing and carrying out plans for decontamination and decommissioning of federal nuclear assets, we thrive when taking on the most complex cleanup challenges.

Through our US joint venture company, Comprehensive Decommissioning International, we use our expertise to ensure safe, rapid and economic decommissioning of shuttered commercial nuclear reactor sites.

Meanwhile in Canada, we’re revitalizing the country’s National Laboratories, enabling them to continue tackling some of the world’s most challenging energy problems through research and the development of new nuclear technologies.

In the UK, we’ve been involved in nuclear clean-up since the 1980s, working with organizations such as Sellafield Ltd, Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Limited (RSRL). We offer our clients the full range of services for the decommissioning and remediation of nuclear sites and facilities, management of spent nuclear fuel, the transportation of nuclear material and the environmental clean-up of nuclear legacy sites.

Often, our clients’ success can depend on finding new ways to save time and money – that’s why we place those same considerations at the heart of our own solutions. Our experts are renowned for designing, manufacturing, assembly and testing of innovative solutions with the aim of saving outage time without sacrificing safety or quality. We have our own machining & fabrication facilities, where we custom manufacture first-of-a-kind tooling components and machining of specialized parts and materials for the nuclear industry worldwide.

Our robotics experts work with different reactor types to produce custom reactor tools for inspection & monitoring, maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning of nuclear reactors. We perform non-destructive examinations (NDE) for our clients using ultrasonic, eddy current & other technologies.

In our licensed active facility in Canada, we refurbish multi-tonne tooling systems, ensuring they are available for repeat use.

The demand for sustainable power is always increasing, and our experts have a long and successful track record of working with nuclear utilities and regulators in Canada and abroad to meet these growing demands. We work with countries to develop their nuclear programs and license a variety of commercial and research reactors.


The Canadian government has its own net zero emissions goal by 2050. SNC-Lavalin’s made-in-Canada CANDU SMR (CSMR?) could be a contributor to this ambitious goal. The only all-Canadian SMR on the market today, it is also the most mature design in the Canadian market and is quickly-deployable to help reduce dependency on carbon-emitting power sources.

The 300 MW CSMR is next-generation CANDU technology incorporating more than 50years of operating experience and new developments. Post-Fukushima upgrades have been applied as well as the latest modular considerations in design and manufacturing. A CSMR would take advantage of the robust Canadian nuclear supply chain from fuel mining and manufacturing to product development, and from operations and maintenance through end-of-life retirement and waste management.


Our size, global reach and unparallelled experience not only enables us to develop our in-house technology offerings but also means we are ready to support other technologies. Small modular reactor  vendors know they can rely on us to complete their designs to a level where they can be licensed because of our extensive experience licensing traditional designs in Canada, the US, the UK and other countries with limited nuclear experience.

In the UK, we are a member of a consortium of companies that is developing a compact nuclear power station. UK Research and Innovation (a collaboration of seven Research Councils, Innovate UK and Research England) has provided an initial GBP 18 million to fund development of the preliminary design of this SMR. This effort will contribute to the UK’s net zero by 2050 goal. 

Our SMR services

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and global steward of CANDU nuclear technology, we’re the top provider of maintenance and refurbishment expertise for CANDU reactors worldwide. Our clients count on us for high-quality manufacturing and the sourcing of spare parts, pump seals and more, including full program management including cost control, feasibility studies, plant life management and focused field services campaigns.

A high-performing reactor with capacity factors regularly in the range of 88%, our mid-size (740 MW) CANDU reactors are ideally suited for countries looking to replace an existing coal, gas or hydro facility, without having to upgrade their distribution systems. We have a history of high localization in our new build projects and have achieved upwards of 75% in our last few reactor builds.

Our smaller CANDU SMR is a quickly deployable 300 MW Generation III+ reactor featuring simplified systems, fewer components and a modular design. It takes advantage of a robust Canadian CANDU supply chain and the same 50-plus years of nuclear know-how from the more than 30 CANDU reactors currently operating around the world.

While the traditional fuel for CANDU reactors is natural uranium – a benefit requiring no expensive enrichment – our technology’s flexibility allows it to use other sources, with minimal adjustments. Recycled uranium, thorium and mixed oxide fuels are all appropriate feedstock for the next generation of CANDU reactors. In fact, a natural uranium equivalent has already been proven successful in one of China’s existing CANDU reactors at the Qinshan site. 

Want to learn more?

We offer unrivalled support to the nuclear defence capabilities of the US and the UK.

In the UK, our support is focused on operations for the nuclear propulsion programme, naval bases and the Atomic Weapons Establishment. Our services to the submarine enterprise range from concept design, to build and operation of in-service assets, to final disposal. Much of our work is focused on the design, substantiation or safety justification of plant components, facilities, systems and structure.

In the US, we support current and legacy national security mission activities for the Department of Energy and the Department of Defence. Our services include management and maintenance of our customer’s sites and facilities, disposition of legacy and newly generated wastes, and design and engineering of processing systems to support safe operations and cleanup activities.


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SNC-Lavalin’s Nuclear Team

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Small Modular Reactors

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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) & Cybersecurity for...

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