As the world around us changes, the way we power it also has to change. We’ve been one step ahead of these changes for over a century, evolving with the energy sector to ensure our clients who are powering the planet can do so as responsibly, sustainably and successfully as possible. We’re proud of our track record and are committed to being pioneers in the advancement of clean power.

Our unrivalled engineering capabilities and understanding of the entire energy system come together in the creation of solutions for hydro, renewables, transmission, energy storage and transmission and distribution applications.

At the heart of our advances in clean power is the ability to harness the latest technologies for maximum impact. As organizations become increasingly digital, we build and utilize intelligent networks and cybersecurity systems to enhance power plants’ capacity to create cleaner energy.

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We also work with our clients across the entire asset lifecycle, ensuring - from development and design, to project development and commissioning, to rehabilitation and end-of-life management –the utmost benefits of clean, effective and cost-effective power are realized.

Our clients demand cleaner solutions across a range of diverse applications. Find out how we’re delivering high-performance, individually tailored engineering solutions for assets in the following fields:

Project Lifecycle, Engineering Studies Services, Detail Design, Technical Advisory Support.

Digital technologies

Staying at the forefront of ever-evolving digital technologies requires us to recognize the importance of continuous, uncompromising improvement – it’s a mindset that’s been driving our innovations and successes since day one.

We combine the most relevant new digital advances with our traditional engineering expertise, working closely with our clients to identify or develop the solutions that solve, improve and reduce the costs of their business performance. Using a lean start-up methodology, we incubate and test creative ideas at a rapid pace, ensuring we remain the market leader in digital engineering services.


Linxon is a joint venture company that we set up with ABB to deliver turnkey electrical AC substation projects. Linxon undertakes substation projects related to renewable and conventional power generation, power transmission and transportation solutions.

Turnkey solutions include project design, engineering, procurement, construction, management, commissioning and after-sales support.

New energy storage technology is revolutionising the energy system.

Our grid solutions team and energy storage experts have more than 40 years’ experience operating at the forefront of network planning. We draw on this deep-seated knowledge and fearless approach to help clients monetize and maximize the value of their assets - from battery to liquid air to molten salt and pumped storage solutions.

We partner with leading firms, such as Highview, to introduce new technologies to sustainable utilities solutions. Every partnership is driven by the desire to improve the reliability and sustainability of our clients’ energy systems for decades to come.

An overview of what we do:

  • Energy storage technology: pumped storage, battery, liquid air, molten salt
  • Integration into the grid
  • Maximizing project benefits and results

Some of our energy storage projects:

  • Gordon Butte (USA)
  • Battery energy storage projects (ON)

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We’re continually integrating the latest technologies with our time-tested expertise to bring our clients the most impactful, sustainable solutions. We hold our solutions to the highest standards and test them using the latest 3D and 4D simulations. We integrate dam safety, rehabilitation, pumped or energy storage into any hydro project from our network of offices and centres of excellence in North America, Latin America and Asia.

We recognize that to truly elevate our clients’ clean power projects, we need to also look beyond engineering and consider the impact on communities and the environment. For example, our multidisciplinary team protects fish habitats and other wildlife. We also ensure that flood management, hydraulic structures, dam safety and equipment adequacy reviews optimize plant conditions and its operational life.

An overview of what we do:

  • Project design and development
  • Flood and water management and assessments
  • Dam safety and rehabilitation
  • Operations and Maintenance

Broad versatility
We study, design and build hydropower facilities ranging from anywhere between 1 MW to 22,000 MW

New solutions for aging facilities
Our Hydro experts have rehabilitated and upgraded more than 60 hydroelectric developments and performed over 120 dam safety assessments worldwide

Experts in clean hydropower
We work with clients, regulating agencies and local stakeholders to develop ideas that reduce pressure on the natural environment and increase project viability

Some of our Hydro projects:

  • John Hart
  • Karebbe
  • Site C
  • Jimmie Creek
  • Chute a Caron Dam

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The energy systems that power our changing world are adapting to the increasing need for renewable energy solutions, including wind and solar power.

In delivering turnkey utility scale solutions that include solar, onshore and offshore wind projects, we ensure that our clients’ transition to renewable energy is not only painless but genuinely positive for all stakeholders. Together, we develop projects that go beyond engineering to consider government incentives and taxation, environmental impact and assessments, resulting in the most economically and environmentally sustainable projects.

An overview of what we do:

  • Renewable wind and solar energy
  • Government incentives and rebates
  • Assessments, government approvals
  • Project design, planning and development
  • Operations and maintenance

Full life-cycle services, from feasibility studies to EPC solutions
Whether your project involves wind, solar or a combination of renewable and smart energy solutions, we have the expertise and experience to bring your project to life.  

Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence
Our people set us apart. Our Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence brings together the brightest minds in the renewables industry with years of experience in the design and construction of wind and photovoltaic (PV) energy plants.

Capital and financing expertise
We’ve arranged over $11 billion in project financing in the past decade alone. Our services include financing and funding models, including development funding to ensure the success of projects.

Protecting our environment
We work with clients, regulating agencies and local stakeholders to develop innovative ideas that reduce pressure on the natural environment and increase project viability.

Some of our renewable energy projects:

  • Stockyard Hill
  • Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

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As demand for sustainable energy grows, the energy mix is changing, requiring the grid to evolve with the modern energy market. Our reliable, forward-thinking grid solutions help our clients to overcome the challenges of aging infrastructure, plan for grid integration and build assets to meet the needs of today and the future.

In all projects, our HVAC, FACTS and grid solutions experts bring reliability, stability and automation to the modern-day power grid, while integrating the socio-economic, environmental and other considerations that ensure long-term success for our clients.

We work in partnership with our clients to address cost-effective, sustainable and customized solutions for high-voltage transmission infrastructure.

An overview of what we do:

  • Grid planning
  • Energy grid connectors and stabilizers
  • Energy infrastructure: Towers, cables and pipelines
  • Energy planning and assessments

Building the most reliable solutions
We’re recognized internationally for our award-winning power delivery designs and project delivery methodologies.

Bringing power wherever it is needed
We can design and build cutting-edge overhead and underground power lines over great distances and challenging terrains, including dense forest, permafrost, mountains, swampland and rivers.

Protecting local species
We also develop and implement effective measures to protect local species, preserve forests, and limit the impact of construction activities on landowner properties.

Some of our transmission and distribution projects:

  • WATL
  • Lower Churchill

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Substation Automation Systems

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High Voltage Direct Current Systems

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Renewable Energy

pdf, 676KB

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