Our clients are at the forefront of some of the biggest changes to city-living around the world and need a partner who can realize their ambitions. Together we’re shaping the cities of the future, today.

From designing the iconic hotel that first puts a neighbourhood on the map, to regenerating an entire region with a transformed transport system, we share one universal goal with our clients. Wherever and however they operate, that goal is to deliver innovative, smart solutions that connect communities and ensure our cities become better places to be, today and in the future.

We’re here to facilitate exactly that, and we’re proud of the large and technically complex projects that our clients around the world trust us to see through from concept to completion. Our world class technical expertise and experience enables our clients to set new benchmarks across the industry, solving some of its biggest challenges in the process.

Building truly smart cities

What if cities could respond to their residents’ needs in real time? In a smart city, big data and real-time connectivity help infrastructure asset owners plan for the long-term and manage in the moment. The technologies we employ to help our clients achieve this exemplify innovation in action: systems and services become more user-friendly and efficient, while also enhancing safety and wellbeing.

Our vision for smart cities uses smart technologies to improve services for local communities – enhancing their efficiency, safety, wellbeing and access to information. Our Intelligent Mobility solutions are a case in point. They enable our clients to completely reimagine transport infrastructure, harnessing the power of data and technology to optimize their asset design, construction and management.

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Municipal infrastructure

We offer comprehensive municipal infrastructure services to all levels of government, public corporations and para-governmental agencies. We understand that building and managing municipal infrastructure is complex, but our experience working in Public Private Partnerships (P3) and other complex business models means our processes and methodologies are adaptable to achieve success. Our goal is to work with our clients to make public spaces and infrastructure efficient to run and pleasant to use.

From parks to transportation systems to water networks — our solutions not only meet the needs of our client and their community today, but for decades to come. They’re built to withstand and keep pace with changes in population size, climate and energy costs. Whether lighting up the streets at night or easing the flow of traffic during morning rush hour, we stay ahead with our intelligent systems provide equipment reliability, cost-effective operations and maintenance.

Urban development

Delivering sustainable solutions that meet the needs of modern populations is at the heart of how we design towns, cities and communities throughout the world. Our work includes masterplanning and project managing infrastructure projects across transport, energy, water and environment, building design, industry, communications and health, justice and education sectors.

For every project, our experts use their insights and knowledge of local community issues - including the political and socio-economic climate - to help determine the importance of providing urban development which can create a lasting legacy for future generations. We weave environmental, economic and social sustainability into every project to develop a vibrant ecosystem of people, programs and places.

By working in close partnership with local government organizations, developers and local communities, we plan, design and enable projects that add value for all stakeholders.

We are dedicated to delivering high-performance assets while achieving our clients’ architectural, functional and business objectives. To do this we draw on our multi-disciplinary, multi-sector expertise to deliver efficient, smart, constructible, maintainable and highly functional buildings and facilities for communities around the world. Our full life-cycle of services can be tailored for major public-private partnership (P3) projects, which impact all corners of a city, town and community.

(More than just) Buildings

The very first medical and educational institutions revolutionized society millennia ago – with every new building we deliver we aim for that same game-changing impact. From specialist hospitals and innovative retail centres, to transport hubs and world-leading universities, our clients demand buildings that transcend their most obvious uses. We’ve been designing the landmarks that define a community for over 70 years, providing our clients with buildings where people can live, work and play safely, healthily and happily – like never before.

By bringing together the best minds and tools in the business, we’re ensuring our clients can continue to achieve this in an ever-changing world. We work hand in hand with our clients and their contractors to reduce costs, save energy and cut waste, and we take pride in every new building we create together.

Creating healthy, stimulating environments for learning means drawing on the full depth of our 50+ years’ experience, and the full breadth of our expertise. Our vast range of ever-evolving solutions - from architecture to multidisciplinary design, to project and change management and IT consultancy – draw on cutting-edge technologies to build the elementary schools and universities of the future.

At the same time, we recognize the success of an educational project also hinges on our clients’ ability to minimize impact on current school activities. Our effective implementation strategies ensure exactly that – we’re able to deliver work in short periods of time with minimal disruption.

The success of our clients’ healthcare and research projects are driven by one underlying aim: to put patients’ needs at the centre of everything. As the world around us changes, this isn’t always easy, which is why we’re intensely proud of our track record: no matter how big or small the project, or where in the world it operates, we deliver facilities primed for the very best levels of healing and care possible.

The innovations that drive these buildings are as fearless as they are thoughtful. We’re constantly adapting to empower the latest and greatest models of healthcare, regardless of location or procurement method. Whether that means integrating mechanical-electrical services, controlling cutting-edge equipment or creating masterplans for major hospital redevelopments: our clients thrive on our ability to create the healthcare facilities of tomorrow – all built on the foundations of more than five decades in the healthcare sector.

Our clients are often tasked with wringing the most out of restrictive, high-density urban areas, and look to us for ways to maximize the limited space and surrounding structures they’re working with. How can our clients make the most effective use of space and surrounding infrastructure?

The answer is our pioneering solutions for mixed-use developments that, when well-designed, bring together work, rest and recreation in ways that would have been unthinkable even one generation ago. Whether designing striking facades or complex metering systems to track utility usage by building zones, we tailor our solutions to the unique needs of the client, market and site. From small scale renovations to large complex schemes, we aim for optimal building performance that benefits asset owner and end-user alike.

You can’t build cutting-edge, future-proof cities without building cutting-edge, future-proof residential buildings. From public housing to high-end luxury developments, we work with our clients to deliver houses that meet the demands of today’s challenging urban environments – while also providing the blueprint for better living across generations to come.

Our cross-disciplinary expertise and experience enable us to deliver tailored solutions specific to the market segments and locations that our clients operate in. We draw on innovative methods of design, construction and maintenance to create effective, energy efficient buildings that clients are proud to call a success and communities are proud to call a ‘home’.

How do you excite and inspire a world population exposed to more stimuli than ever before in history? From theatres and arenas to water parks and sports centres, the recreational facilities that we design and develop for our clients around the world do exactly that.

We draw on expertise from across our business – including lighting engineers, interior designers, architects and acousticians – as we elevate projects from seen-it-all-before to can’t-believe-our-eyes. No matter what type of building we’re delivering, our clients trust us to shape every aspect, at every stage of delivery.

Tight deadlines. Strict budgets. High-efficiency needs. Rapid execution. We understand the fast-paced, unforgiving world that our clients in the commercial buildings market operate in. From small renovations to major projects, we work with them to design everything from warehouses and office buildings to retail facilities and hotels.

We’re able to deliver large volumes of projects in very short time frames, while also ensuring that systems are energy efficient, cost-effective and meet the specific needs of building owners and end-users.

One airport terminal, one community centre, one health centre and one school—for communities in subarctic and arctic climates, every building is important.

Our specialists draw on their in-depth knowledge of a region’s unique characteristics, embracing the challenges and constraints head-on to deliver complete building design services. This encompasses the high-quality engineering that we’re renowned for all over the world, along with state-of-the-art tools for countering anything the harsh weather can throw in our clients’ direction: energy simulations, snow and wind analyses, pollution dispersion analyses and any required satellite services.

In these types of projects, we often interact with Canada’s indigenous communities and we’re proud of the strong relationships we share. We understand the importance of their engagement, ensuring project success through community satisfaction.

It’s not an understatement to say that data, enabled by new digital technologies, is driving some of the biggest changes we’re witnessing in the world today. The importance of data means that our clients’ data centres need to be as robust as possible, with no capacity for unplanned events that might cause server downtime. Our specialized team provides complete multidisciplinary design services to ensure tight schedules are met, delivering high quality, reliable and energy-efficient systems.

We also recognize that the world of big data can be overwhelming, and we work with clients to create solutions that are straightforward, user-friendly and tailored to their specific business needs.


Operations and Maintenance

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Operations and Maintenance

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UN Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action

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UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and...

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