Continued growth for global engineering services

The world will continue to evolve in ways that no one can foresee, but there is one thing that is certain: engineers will remain at the very heart of that change.

It is engineers who will design and build the projects that allow us to meet the great challenges of tomorrow, whether they be climatic, social, or resource-based.

New strategic direction

Positioning SNC-Lavalin for long-term sustainable success

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Balanced revenue diversity by region and industry segments

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Key player in concession investments

  • Portfolio of 17 investments in 5 countries
  • Integrated, proactive asset developer and manager.
  • Extensive experience in developing projects, arranging financing, investing equity, undertaking complex financial modelling and managing our infrastructure investments for optimal returns.
  • Our star investment = Highway 407 ETR

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Denis Jasmin, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Investor Relations

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Name Description Held
Location Equity
407 EDGGP 32 km H407 East extension (Phase 1) 2012 33 Canada (Ontario) 50%
Carlyle Global Infras. Opportunity Fund LP Holding investments in infrastructure projects 2018 n/a United States 4.5%
Eglinton Crosstown 19 km light rail line 2015 36 Canada (Ontario) 25%
Highway 407 ETR 108 km electronic toll road 1999 99 Canada (Ontario) 6.76%
Highway Concessions One PL Fund (Roads) 2012 n/a India 10%
InPower BC John Hart 126 MW generating station 2014 19 Canada (B.C.) 100%
Myah Tipaza Seawater desalination plant 2008 n/a
Algeria 25.5%
Rideau Light rail transit system 2013 30 Canada (Ontario) 40%
SKH 1,227 MW gas-fired power plant 2006 n/a Algeria 26%
SSL New Champlain bridge corridor 2015 34 Canada (Quebec) 50%
TC Dôme 5.3 km electric cog railway 2008 35 France 51%
TransitNEXT 12 km light rail line 2019 30
Canada (Ontario) 100%
Ownership through SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Partnership LP
Chinook 25 km six-lane road 2010 33 Canada (Alberta) 10%
InTransit BC Rapid transit line 2005
Canada (B.C.) 6.7%
MIHG McGill University Health Centre 2010
34 Canada (Quebec) 10%
Okanagan Lake Floating bridge 2005
30 Canada (B.C.) 20%
Rainbow Restigouche Hospital Centre
33 Canada (N.B.) 20%

Strong management supported by talented and dedicated team

Ian L. Edwards
President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Alger
President, Infrastructure Projects

Jeff Bell
Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

James Cullens
Executive Vice-President, Human Resources

Philip Hoare
President, Atkins, Engineering, Design & Project Management

Craig Muir
President, Resources

Charlene Ripley
Executive Vice-President and General Counsel

Erik J. Ryan
Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Marketing and External Relations

Alexander (Sandy) Taylor
President, Nuclear

Stéphanie Vaillancourt
Executive Vice-President, Capital and Treasurer

Louis G. Véronneau
Executive Vice-President and Chief Transformation Officer

Nigel W.M. White
Executive Vice-President, Project Oversight

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