SNC-Lavalin’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday,
May 7, 2020.

In keeping with the latest guidelines from public-health authorities and to reduce person-to-person contact, SNC-Lavalin hold its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting via live audio webcast.

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President and CEO’s message

Due to technical difficulties with our virtual meeting provider for our AGM, we are providing transcripts of the meeting in both official languages.

2020 Annual
Shareholders’ Meeting


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A virtual meeting is when participants gather online via a live webcast. The webcast platform allows shareholders to ask questions, vote and participate electronically in real time, as opposed to travelling to the meeting’s physical location.

In light of concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we have opted for a virtual-only Annual Meeting this year in order to reduce the risk and spread of infection to our employees, shareholders, board, and other stakeholders. 

Shareholders and guests may access the meeting being held via audio webcast at  Registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders will be able to vote, all shareholders will be able to ask questions and guests can attend and view the webcast.

No, only the manner of engagement changes. A virtual meeting may help facilitate greater participation and engagement as it enables all shareholders and guests to participate in the meeting regardless of their location. We want this meeting to offer shareholders the same opportunities to participate as in-person meetings. Registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders will be allowed to vote online at the meeting.

Shareholders will be able to ask questions on the day of the meeting. Once the pre-meeting message has expired and shareholders have authenticated themselves via their 16-digit control number, a question box is made available on the meeting page for shareholders to ask questions.  Simply type your question in the box and click “Submit”.

Yes, to participate through voting and / or asking questions, shareholders will need to login using their provided 16-digit control number.  If you are a duly appointed proxy holder, you will need the exact appointee name and 8-digit appointee identification number (“AIN”) provided to you by the shareholder.  Alternatively, guests may sign in through the Guest Login section to view the meeting without a control number.

An automatic browser video capability test is available prior to logging in to the meeting.  If you encounter any difficulties accessing the virtual meeting during the check-in or meeting time, please call the technical support number that will be posted on the Virtual Shareholder Meeting login page.

Registered shareholders and duly appointed proxyholders will be able to vote.

Only registered shareholders and duly appointed proxy holders will be able to vote.  Once registered using your 16-digit control number or appointee name and AIN, you will be on the meeting page.  Click “Vote Here!” and when the Proxy Ballot appears, mark your selections and simply click “Submit”.

No. The proxy voting methods available to shareholders from past years remain available. As in past years, we expect that the vast majority of votes will be cast in advance of the meeting by proxy through the various available methods, described on page 5 of the Management Proxy Circular and Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Votes cast on the meeting day are an extremely small percentage of all votes cast.

Shareholders who have questions about voting can contact Laurel Hill Advisory Group at:
1-877-452-7184 (within North America)
416-304-0211 (outside of North America)
Or by email at:


Meeting materials are accessible on our website at under “Investors”/“Investor’s Briefcase” or on SEDAR at

You may request paper copies of the meeting materials from Broadridge at no cost to you up to one (1) year from the date the Circular was filed on SEDAR. The request can be made on-line at by entering the 16-digit control number located on your proxy form or voting instruction form and following the instructions provided. Alternatively, you may submit a request by calling 1-877-907-7643 (toll free within North America) or 905-507-5450 (outside of North America), or by email to

Please note that you will not receive another form of proxy or voting instruction form; please retain your current one to vote your shares.

In any case, requests should be received at least ten (10) business days prior to the meeting date in order to receive the meeting materials in advance of the meeting date. To ensure receipt of the paper copy in advance of the voting deadline and meeting date, we estimate that your request must be received no later than Thursday, April 23, 2020.

After the meeting

By telephone at 1-866-964-0492 or online at A copy of the meeting materials will be sent to you within ten (10) calendar days of receiving your request.