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SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world, a major player in the ownership of infrastructure and in the provision of operations and maintenance services. SNC-Lavalin has offices across Canada and in over 50 other countries around the world, and is working in some 100 countries. If you are interested in supplying goods or providing services to our company and our projects, please register with us by selecting the "Register" link located at the bottom of this message. The registration is the preliminary step required to the supplier's pre-qualification process at SNC-Lavalin.

Once registered as a supplier within the Global Procurement System (GPS) application, the second step consists to complete all questions pertaining to your industry and provide all support documentation within the GPS profile: it is to your benefit and it will increase your exposure to the Procurement Community and provide them with a better picture of your capabilities.

We ask you to take a few moments to read through SNC-Lavalin's corporate policies below as well as the Terms of System Usage. The links are at the end of this message. By completing the supplier registration process, you indicate that your organization is accepting those Terms and acknowledge its compliance with all of the following policies.

Corporate values and policies

SNC-Lavalin is committed to fair marketplace practices and selects suppliers of goods and services based on criteria that ensure a thorough and competitive selection process: quality, price, service and overall value to SNC-Lavalin. SNC-Lavalin is continuously striving to introduce capable and valuable suppliers to the organization. In order to provide quality services to our clients, we require first class suppliers and settle for nothing less than excellence.

The supplier registration site is accessible to suppliers and contractors around the world, allowing suppliers not only to register in our global system, but also to update and maintain their corporate and product profile as required. The supplier registration website is the direct link to the SNC-Lavalin global corporate database, the GPS, a strategic source of information used by the projects procurement personnel within the pre-qualification process.

Terms of system usage

During registration you will be required to provide a unique user name and password. These will provide you with secure access to the SNC-Lavalin database, enabling you to enter and update your company's profile as required. It is important to note that as your company's registrant, you will be able to create additional user profiles and provide restricted access to other members of your organization such as sales representatives, affiliated offices or plants. These individuals will in turn be able to update their own profile and participate in electronic bidding activities. These restricted accesses are issued and managed by your company's registrant directly.

The content and information submitted during and after registration is entirely under the control and management of the registrant and additional users. In no circumstance will SNC-Lavalin or its employees, agents or partners be held responsible or accountable for information entered. The registrant, additional users and those who contribute information warrant that they are duly authorized to do so and that they act on the behalf of the organization for which they have registered.

Once registered in SNC-Lavalin's GPS, the supplier can be invited to electronic bidding activities. Any supplier who is invited to bid for a specific package through the GPS will be required to submit its bid information through the RF(x). Training sessions, on-line videos, documentation and a support line are available to registered users in order to help them properly use the GPS. SNC-Lavalin reserves the right to deactivate a supplier's account at any time in GPS should said supplier have been deemed to participate inadequately to the bidding activities to which he has been invited.

Registration does not guarantee qualification. Registered suppliers must qualify for work on a project-by-project basis and have to meet all project specific commercial, regional and technical requirements.

Important notices/use of information and disclosure

Should SNC-Lavalin detect any intentional misrepresentation of association or affiliation, SNC-Lavalin may, at its sole discretion, file action directly or report such misrepresentation to the aggrieved party or to the authorities for legal recourse. SNC-Lavalin may at any time and without reservation suspend or cancel access to or withdraw privileges to the registrant or additional user of any supplier.

Information provided and posted by the supplier may be used freely and without limitation by SNC-Lavalin, its employees, partners, agents and clients during the evaluation and selection process of potential bidders. All or part of the information can also be used for the purpose of soliciting bids for the award of any work. The profile information may be included as part of statistical data which SNC-Lavalin may compile for its own usage or for the usage of its clients.

Registration to and use of the GPS may lead to disclosure of SNC-Lavalin confidential or proprietary information. The registrant and designated users warrant that they will not disclose information obtained through the use of the supplier registration tool and process to any third party, except for information which is already available in the public domain.

Supplier code of conduct


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