Integrity is everyone’s business

Maintaining a reputation for integrity depends on the actions of all our people. We want to become a benchmark in the industry for how to do business the right way.

We’ve come a long way and learned a lot on our journey to ethics and compliance excellence. We recognize that it’s not enough to simply comply with laws, rules and regulations. It’s also not enough to set up a framework for good governance practices. To meet the benchmark we set for ourselves, it’s essential that integrity is woven into the very fabric of our organization.

Whether demonstrated in our annual employee certification program or our core values, safety, integrity, collaboration and innovation, we’re committed to ethics and compliance excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to set a higher standard and go beyond typical compliance levels.

Ethisphere compliance badge 2019

Our commitment to integrity has earned us the prestigious Compliance Leader Verification from the Ethisphere Institute, an independent centre for research, best practices and thought leadership. Ethisphere conducted a thorough assessment of our Integrity Program and benchmarked it against its 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies data set, providing insight into the programs and practices of leading companies around the world.

Below you can take a look at some of the ways we’re working towards this.

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Hentie Dirker

Chief Integrity Officer

Montréal, Canada

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Our Integrity Program

Three action elements define our Integrity program:
prevent, detect and respond.

This comprehensive and integrated approach maintains our ethical health and supports our long-term success, while preserving and promoting our values.

Our Integrity Program components adhere to ethics and compliance principles from international bodies such as Transparency International, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), United Nations Global Compact, World Bank, African Development Bank, and follow the United States Department of Justice FCPA Guidance.

One word for Integrity

Discover our Integrity Program


Gifts and hospitality

Integrity Ambassadors
Employees certified annually to our Code
Our Code is available in?9 languages

We promote integrity through various initiatives around the world


Our CEO is part of the PACI Vanguard and our Chief Integrity Officer is actively involved in this initiative. The PACI Vanguard CEO community consists of 25 CEOs from various industries across the world collaborating in the fight against corruption.
During 2018 / 2019 our former CEO, Neil Bruce was also elected and co-chaired this initiative.

Working alongside international organizations, academics and government institutions, PACI is leading industry practices to rebuild and create trust in organizations. Through the commitment of their chief executive officers, nearly 90 partner companies have signed and committed to the PACI Principles.

Ted rogers ethical leadership case competition

We proudly sponsor the annual Ted Rogers Ethical Leadership Case Competition, at Ryerson University, Toronto.

The competition gives students an opportunity to address difficult ethical situations they’ve encountered in the workplace and to further understand the challenging decisions business leaders face.

Ambassador program

Our Integrity Ambassador Program expands the Integrity footprint from an awareness and communication perspective, creating a business environment that’s committed to ethical practices and providing additional, local support to employees.

Ambassadors act as points of contact for the Integrity function and assist with on-location and in-person follow-ups for Integrity matters where necessary. They also provide feedback for the program’s continuous improvement, ensuring we continue to apply best practices.

Integrity is one of our core values at SNC-Lavalin

We do the right thing, no matter what, and are accountable for our actions.

Code of conduct

SNC-Lavalin aims to maintain the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with whomever it does business or is associated — its employees, directors, shareholders, customers, associates and suppliers, as well as with governments, the media and the public.

Our integrity and reputation for ethical practices are among our most valued assets. Ultimately, they depend upon the individual actions of our employees, officers and directors, representatives, agents and consultants all over the world. SNC-Lavalin Personnel is therefore personally responsible and accountable for compliance with the Code of Conduct. Its provisions are mandatory and full compliance is expected of all employees as a condition of employment.


Compliance procedure

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Integrity Journey

pdf, 112KB

Integrity Factsheet

pdf, 98KB

Integrity program highlights

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Conflict of Interest Procedure

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Export Control Trade Compliance

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Supplier Code of Conduct

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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Reporting line phone numbers

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Compliance procedure

pdf, 300KB

Integrity Journey

pdf, 112KB

Integrity Factsheet

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Trade releases

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