Designing for the future is about more than predicting what it looks like. It’s about having the know-how and the expertise to turn predictions into projects that deliver results and meet ever-changing needs. That’s what we do every day: for our clients, for their customers and for the sustainable future of our business and the world we operate in.

We are SNC-Lavalin, and we are experts at mastering complexity.

Using our industry know-how and leading resources, we create and deliver predictable outcomes for an unpredictable world. How do we do it? By thinking – and working – differently. With offices around the world, we connect people, technology and data to shape the future of our industry and the world around us. It’s how we generate the knowledge, the ingenuity and the drive to meet so many of today’s most pressing challenges – from population growth and increasing transportation needs, to climate change. And because we cover everything from blueprint to delivery, across the entire lifespan of a project, you can count on us for a client experience that is smoother, smarter and more efficient. At SNC-Lavalin, we’re not just embracing change – we’re driving it.

Our End-to-end lifecycle Services

Sustainable RESULTS

As a future-focused business, sustainability and the impact of societal and environmental trends are central to our thinking from day one on all projects. From moving to a low carbon economy to adopting a sustainable business strategy, our approach means we can adapt to, and anticipate, global changes, and support our clients in delivering long-term, sustainable results.

More on our approach


From our software engineers to our data scientists, we connect people, technology and data to deliver solutions that mean our clients are always one step ahead.

We use a lean, start-up model, enabling us to lead the industry with the solutions it – and the wider world – needs. Solutions that address challenges, from growing populations to climate change. It’s a way of working that has seen us build the biggest network of AI bots in the industry and achieve milestones such as being the first company to be awarded the BIM Kite Mark 2. And we pass all of our learning and insights onto our clients, adding value to every project, no matter the industry or size.

Beyond engineering

Our vision is to be the premier engineering solutions partner for our clients, delivering complex projects from vision to reality for a sustainable lifespan.

To do that, we connect people, technology and data throughout the project lifecycle to drive better outcomes across safety, sustainability and efficiency. It’s our vision, and the values that underpin it, that make this true whether we’re working in partnership to develop new software or supporting with the planning and financing of a large-scale infrastructure project

SINCE 1911

As the world has changed, so have we. From pioneering hydro power in Canada in the early 1900s, to working on the world’s first floating offshore wind farm in 2017, we’ve been shaping our industry for more than a century.

In our increasingly dynamic and interconnected world – a world where societal and environmental trends are more transformative than ever – we continue to draw on our pioneering spirit to design, develop and execute solutions that deliver sustainable results.



Leading the future of our industry and meeting the challenges facing it means drawing on the best knowledge, data and technology possible. It also means working in collaboration with those responsible for shaping the way everything from our transport systems to our management of global resources, works.

That’s why we build long-lasting relationships with our partners, including governments and public and private companies. Trust and mutual respect underpin our history of successful collaborations.


We couldn’t do what we do without our network of suppliers. We take our responsibility to those we work with seriously - and we expect the same in return. Our reputation for doing business with the highest integrity is one of our most valuable assets and is integral to our licence to operate. That’s why we hold everyone we work with to the same standards and ethical values as we hold ourselves to.